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This is about a Deceased PC


Legacy of Steel | The Circle | Inspirations & OOC Info


Name: Rúni Knudson
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Homid
Path: Skaald (Galliard)
Rank: Adren
Age: 30
Apparent Age: 30ish
Deed Names: Hammer of Dawn, Legacy of Steel

Notable Traits: He is covered in tattoos, each one represting a story that has inspired him or he has lived through.


Death Crew - Legacy of Steel.jpg

Homid: Heralding back to his ancestry, Rúni stands tall and muscular with a light tan from his time out in the sun. His dirty blond hair is shaved down on the sides with the top left longer and usually pulled back into a top knot. Covered in tattoos, reflecting his life and trials. Every tattoo is a specific story waiting to be re-told. His piercing blue eyes are alight with fire and passion.

Crinos: He brings the 'nine-foot-shag-carpet-of-death' look down to an art. Though he his fur in neatly trimmed, his fur is storm grey. His body is a rippling mass of muscles and tendons. His claws look vicious and his fangs hide behind a wry, mischievous smile.

Lupus: Rúni is a massive dark gray wolf who comes off as incredibly aggressive even when he is not. The muzzle of his nose is white and the further back the fur travels, it turns into a dark, stormy grey. His eyes are the same shade of brilliant blue as they are in Homid.


  • 1987 - Born under the waning Gibbous Moon.
  • 1990 - Ísröður and Astrid begin teaching Rúni about the Garou Nation. Ísröður isn't always around for the child while he is doing his job as a Shield-Brother to Rúni’s “uncle” Daghur.
  • 1991 - Rúni starts to ask the members of Astrid’s pack for stories about the Garou and listens with rapt attention. The stories begin to inspire the incredibly young, unchanged Galliard.
  • 1992 - 5. Rúni starts learning how to fight unarmed. Astrid teaches him the tenets of the Nordic Warrior Code. He begins to live his life following this code.
  • 1993 - Begins weapons training, favors the sword and axe.
  • 2000 - Ísröður and Daghur join Valkyria as first male members.. Antihelios appears in the sky.
  • 2002 - 15. First Change: Lightning flashed through the sky as the wind howled, lashing Astrid and her pack while they traversed through the woods; Rúni had tagged along; it was simple survival training and a pack exercise. Rúni stayed behind with a member of his mother’s Sept while they were away. While practicing with his sword in the yard, he is attacked by a Fomori and in his rage that his home had been violated, Rúni first changes and kills the Fomori with his bare hands. He is brought out of it by being knocked out by the Sept Mate; though it is difficult.
    • Rite of Passage: Tasked with assisting in recovering a Garou’s burial site from necromantic leeches bent on stealing the secrets of the Garou. Rúni wades into the thick of the battle, standing between the buried Garou and a pair of vampire thralls. Pulling a warhammer from a shattered case against the wall. While fighting the leeches, the hammer begins to glow with the color of sunlight and catches one of the leeches on fire when the hammer connects with it. When the fight is over, Rúni puts the hammer on the burial mound, thanking the ancient Garou for its assistance. He is deeded Hammer of Dawn.
  • 2004 - Fostern Challenge.
    • Rúni seeks out a Fianna Loremaster known as Lewis Cassidy (played by Alex Rule) to learn more about the Wyrm so that he may bring the knowledge to his Sept.
  • 2005 - Ísröður is bitten by Daghur on the field of battle. Daghur dies.
  • 2006 - Joins the Valkyira, following in Ísröður’s footsteps.
  • 2007 - 20. Adren Challenge:
  • 2008 - Learns to harness his rage to become a better fighter on the battlefield.
  • 2009 - Attempts to learn about the Fae and his studies are discovered. He is cursed by an enchantress so that whenever he speaks about the Fae, he begins to choke on his words.
  • 2010 -
    • Meets the Fianna Fetish Maker, Gamlen McKittrick (played by Eric Panter), and has his Fetish created.
    • Travels to the Sept of The Crescent Moon to protect it;fights on the field of battle shoulder-to-shoulder with his father, Ísröður. He is deeded Legacy of Steel after the battle
    • During the battle he helps a female Garou escape with her child, once the battle is done he begins to try and track her down to make sure she escaped safely. He comes upon Aron LaCoix (played by Toll Sandoval), a Silver Fang kinfolk who was the Garou’s mate. They share stories and Rúni delivers the stuffed dog that he had brought as a gift for the child.
  • 2013 - Rúni goes to seeks Lewis Cassidy again, hearing the “old man” has fallen into Harano and brings stories of current events from around the Nation.
    • Heeding the call of an Athro Child of Gaia Philodox, Wisdom of the Hearth, and an Elder Get of Fenris Ahroun, Buries His Claws Deep, to help restore a fallen Caern. Traveling to the Sept of the Hollow Heart, he aids the Sept of Buffalograss in claiming a Seed Shard to bring back to Manhattan, Kansas. Receives a battlescar(s) for his effort.
    • Helps raise the Seed Caern for the Sept of Buffalograss
  • 2014 - Rúni meets Wind Stands Fair (played by Mitchell Wallace), a Child of Gaia Ragabash, who believes that Rúni is too serious and in an attempt to make him laugh, changes out Rúni’s shampoo with Awakened hair dye that turns his hair blue. Instead of being angry, Rúni realizes he was too stuck in his head. The two begin a competition to push each other harder, becoming better at what they do.
    • Approaches Snow Will Come and petitions to join the Wyvern’s Sting pack, a pack dedicated to answering the calls for aid from Septs.
  • 2015 - Settles in Manhattan, Kansas on a farm outside of the city.

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