Rā's Al-Tanin

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Rā's Al-Tanin




Aliases: The Blue Viper
Location: Maui, HI
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Lineage: Unknown
Titles: Servire

Status: Favored, Triumphant, Victorious, Acclaimed, Loyal

Noticeable Traits

A handsome man that appears in his mid-thirties, with an athletic build of Berber descent whose eyes portray a less aggressive demeanor than his presence may otherwise suggest. He wears a blue-colored Tuareg as a scarf around his neck with modern attire, assumedly to blend in public. With obvious confidence and calm mien, it's hiding an insatiable drive to uncover and attain arcane knowledge. Rā’s is studious and introspective of Haqim’s teachings and his interpretations of them are central to him. Rā’s considers himself a military man, astute and steadfast, which he has always shown a flair for of military history and tactics, rivaled by his skill as a Loremaster. Ras1.jpg


Rā’s was born to a Berber tribe in the desert outskirts of Marrakesh, Morocco. Even though he was training as a warrior, Rā’s developed an interest in the scholarly and historical aspects of warfare. With the family blessing, he left his tribe to live in the city where he further pursued his training of battlefield tactics.

As he trained as a warrior and had the education of a scholar Rā’s subsequently became an advisor to a military council of warfare early in age. Rā’s always told himself through all his teachings “why be the sword when I can be the hand that guides the sword” and always remembering, to have an understanding of the reasons why. Throughout Rā’s mortal life, he has known love but never married for he was too involved with his passion for knowledge.

After many years, Rā’s was of prominent status and success as an advisor of war. His notoriety got the attention of his sire and was embraced into the clan. During the many years initially, in his unlife, his sire trained Rā’s and watched as he devoured the endless knowledge made available to him in the mountain fortress Alamut and the world that he had now become a part of. Rā’s quickly became a loremaster of the secrets of the Children of Caine and other supernatural creatures. Rā’s would leave the mountain fortress on an expedition to seek more knowledge.

Rā’s initial years traveling within the Mediterranean Sea region gave a renewed enthusiasm in attaining knowledge and I could freely keep up with my fighting skills. Every whisper of mortal and supernatural lore Rā’s would investigate and ascertain what was truth or just a story to scare children. During his travels, Rā’s befriended an Elder Brujah named Captain José Luna, a Barbary Corsair “privateer” who I would come to know.

On occasion, our paths would cross and we would have stories to tell of other Cainites that we have met and of our travels. On a particular occasion with Captain Luna, Rā’s had accompanied him on one of his many adventures. Unknown to the Captain, Rā’s had heard a rumor of a ship in the area that he was sailing into that was carrying possibly important dispatches that contained arcane knowledge or could lead me to it.

It would come to be known that the suspected dispatches Rā’s sought after were not on-board but instead, the ship was commanded by an Elder Ventrue who laid in torpor below the ship. Captain Luna wanted to ash the Ventrue Captain, but Rā’s advised and convinced him that it would be more prudent to let him live and with the wisdom he agreed and he would also escort the Ventrue Captain and his paragon to a safe haven.

Rā’s would see Captain Luna again in his travels years later, but this time as Elder Prince José Luna of Madeira. He would advise him when he needed my council and while doing this, a deep friendship fosters between Rā’s and Luna, one of trust and respect. With more than a century of traveling away from the mountain, Rā’s returns to the mountain and spends time studying what additional knowledge his clan had learned as he furthered his teachings.

While at the mountain, Rā’s befriends Amira Kanaan and would also go with Rafiq on expeditions to advise them on their task at hand. On one such action, Rā’s and Amira travel to Palestine to help his blood-brother Ibrahim and hunt down Setites who were trying to gain control in that area. As many years went by, Rā’s was becoming more warrior-like in demeanor and his mortal life was coming full circle in this unlife. As he started to see more of the world away from the mountain that his unlife lived in, Rā’s had seen evils from Cainites and powers that rivaled the clan's blood magic. After over a century of study, learning, and advising, Rā’s left Alamut on his own to pursue the hidden knowledge and of his own beliefs.

It's 1924 CE, the world that he knew from sword & shield had changed drastically, it became a world of steel and fire! With western civilization, came a new way to wage war and Rā’s was intrigued to understand and learn how to use this knowledge. Rā’s traveled through these times of World War chaos from Europe to the Americas, finally landing on its eastern shores. For many years he traveled the continent of North America learning more and rekindling his study of arcane knowledge.


From My Lips...

  • "We do not ask for the lives we are given, but each of us has the right to defend that life. I have fought to defend mine, and when the forces of darkness return, you shall know that I am out there. Fighting to defend yours." - From I Frankenstein
  • "Nothing is true; everything is permitted"- "Assamites of the Alamut"
  • FEAR has two meanings...Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything and Rise, the choice is yours!

From Their Lips...

  • "We are stronger together, than we are alone."- Amira Kanaan
  • "All the right skills. All the right actions. All the right timing. It is no wonder he holds such power and sway. I feel honored and even privileged to have fought by his side." - Po
  • "Fuck titles. He's my friend, that's all you need to know." Jose Luna
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Player Contact: Kevin M. US2017100152
ST Contact: Richard Barlett
Location: Honolulu, HI.

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