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Butterfly banner.png

General Information
Name: Willow Fairisle AKA R3N3G4D3
Tribe: Glasswalker
Notable Traits: Butterflies follow her around everywhere she goes
Pack: None as of now
Sept: visiting the Sept of the Underground Dawn

Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 26
Actual Age: 26
Height: 5'2
Hair: Light Pink and shoulder length
Eyes: bright blue
Build: chubby

BFBullet.png She's heir to the Fairisle Cosmetics Corporation owned by her parents, Thomas and Laura Fairisle.

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BFBullet.png Fairisle Cosmetics has made shady deals
BFBullet.png Willow looks sweet and innocent, but she's really pretty depraved.
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BFBullet.png " ...No.. Bitcoins don't come in the mail.." - Willow to a Corax.
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OOC Information
Player: Marlayne Généreux, CA2017021502
Player Email: marlayneg@gmail.com
Storyteller: Chris Herman
Storyteller Email: mtl.apocalypse@gmail.com
Location: Montreal, QC