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"Freedom is terrifying."

Imagine for a moment, that you know your purpose. That you know exactly why you were born, what you were meant to accomplish in your lifetime. Can you feel that weight being lifted off you, the burden of the questions you now have answered? Imagine you know your purpose....and what it feels like when it is ripped away from you. RA259 struggles with knowing she had what most beings will search their entire life for, and that she may never find it again. This extremely analytical synth has found it difficult to acclimate to her freedom and often dreams of returning to the core. While many have sought to help the young woman move past her old life, only time will tell if they will be successful.

Known Associates

RA259 Quotes

  • She's a sweet thing, terrified of her own humanity, longing at once to be both free and constrained. At least, to that end, she seeks to define and constrain herself. I look forward to seeing who she becomes in her travels and struggles. - Vahi
  • "She has not know freedom long but she is not afraid to fight to make her choices as a full person. I think soon that will not be the only thing she fights for." - Vek
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Ties Sought
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Player Information

Player: Sarah Cress

Player Email: amanramc@gmail.com

Storyteller: Robert Brown