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Name: Robert James "RJ" Campbell

Basics: Homid Silver Fang Ragabash of House Austere Howl

Rank: Athro

Deed Name: Dusk Talon

City: Toronto, ON, CA

Pack: Raptors of the Northern Sky

Faction: Sanctum of Gaia

Position: Sept Leader of Karonhia'ke (Sept of Toronto)

What The Garou Nation Knows

RJ was pretty much just your average Silver Fang Kinfolk, few outside of the ranks of Silver Fang genealogists would have taken note of the young man except for what happened in the days after his First Change in early July 2013. Queen Mary Campbell of House Austere Howl announced to the Tribe that the young Ragabash was her son and this statement was confirmed as fact and supported by Spirits of Falcon's Brood and Osprey, the patron of Austere Howl, a turn of events that raised many eyebrows - including those of RJ himself.

The young New Moon relocated to the UK and embarked on a period of instruction to develop as both a Silver Fang and a Ragabash. During the period he resided in the UK, 2013-2016, RJ gained a reputation as a thoughtful (some would say introspective), humorous and dedicated Ragabash who took well to the myriad of roles demanded of one of his Auspice. In May 2016 Dusk Talon left England to answer the call to establish a new Caern in his home city of Toronto and managed to overcome a series of obstacles on the way to be in the 'Six' in time to participate in the founding of the new Caern and Sept. He was part of the Umbra defense team during the planting of the Seed and his actions during a fight against two Bane assaults were considered worthy of Glory. Afterwards he returned to England to finish his mundane education and successfully challenged for the Rank of Fostern after completing his Silver Fang "apprenticeship". He returned to Canada in June 2016, specially to assist in setting up the "Shield" Shard Caerns to protect the Sept of the Last Breath Great Caern. RJ led the defense of ritual taking place at the Sept of Shining Forest (the Caern of Earth) just north of Quebec City, leading a small five Garou force against five waves of Black Spiral Dancers and Banes. His defensive plan led the Wyrm forces into a narrow front that negated their numerical superiority, a strategy found worthy of Wisdom by the Spirits.

After the creation of the SHIELD RJ disappeared for a couple of months before reappearing in Toronto to form a pack with several Garou he had worked with during the establishment of the Caern there. Since his return to Canada RJ has become a valued member of the Toronto Sept. He was part of the group which eliminated a nest of Banes in the Umbral reflection of a building which had been blown up and was also a member of the main assault force during the successful attack on a factory being used as a HQ by the Cult of Legion which had kidnapped a number of Kinfolk and were trying to create a Hive. In the aftermath he helped his foster family take in a pair of young Silver Fang Kinfolk who were among those recovered and worked to get the kids the mental healthcare they required to deal with the terrible experience. In November 2017 he took over the Position of Fool for Karonhia'ke (Sept of Toronto) and a month later he was one of the planners for the mission to solve the problem of the "Furnace" - a large area of the Penumbra on the fringes of Toronto that had been on fire for over a decade. During the mission itself he commanded the ranged combat team.


What are people saying about RJ?
  • RJ was really sent back to Canada because he refused to marry a Kinfolk from House Gleaming Eye and fully settle the Austere Howl/Gleaming Eye Feud in proper Royal fashion.
  • RJ is being distanced from the Silver Fangs because he is trying to join the Concordat of Stars.
  • RJ was sent back to Canada because he was partying too much with European Royals and Nobility and endangering the Veil.
  • RJ has taught most of the tree spirits in Toronto's parks to say "I am Groot".
  • RJ once played a prank at a big Silver Fang wedding by slipping "The Rains of Castamere" into the DJ's reception playlist.
  • RJ was kicked out of the NBA Finals' Game 1 for attempting to start an impromptu wrestling match with Drake during the third quarter. Things escalated further when he hit Steph Curry with a steel folding chair.
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Quotations About RJ

So what do you have to say about RJ?
  • Not a bad guy for a Fancy doggo. - Nine
  • Listen to the wisdom of the new moon. RJ helped me think on those first few days of alpha-ship a good man. - Jack
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Friends, Family, Lovers, Haters and Others

The people and Garou in RJ's life.
  • Oberon (PC / Packmate / Child of Gaia) - "That boy just ain't right." (Said with a grin)
  • Sigruun (PC / Packmate / Fianna) - "Sort of like our Groot, in that she can Tank like an all-star and shouldn't be trusted with weapons of mass destruction."
  • Shadow-of-Innocence (PC / Packmate / Red Talon) - "Glad he's on our side."
  • Abigail White (PC / Ally and Pal / Glass Walker) - "Were-Scully is good people, a little too tied to the Weaver sometimes but she's got a good eye for details most would miss and is willing to use her position for the good of the Garou Nation."
  • Bo (PC / Friend / Bastet) - "Bubble Tea and Environmental Activism for the win."
  • Ferghus (PC / Packmate / Fianna) - "All he needs to be the most Fianna Fianna ever is a set of bagpipes and a Notre Dame jersey."
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Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Harry Dresden
  • Aegon V
  • Jon Snow


  • "Radio Silence" by Blue Peter
  • "Under Pressure" by Queen & David Bowie
  • "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" by Blue Rodeo

OOC Information

Player: Bernard Dawson

Player Email: pulp.the.ghostbuster@gmail.com

Storyteller: Patrick-Sean Morrissey

Storyteller Email: toronto.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Toronto, Ontario