Rachel Shaheen

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Rachel Shaheen

Tell me where you want it and I'll put it where I can


The Details

Name: Rachel Shaheen
Deed Name: Eight Rounds Rapid
Tribe: Glass Walker
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Adren
Pack: Packless Sept: In Transit

Known to the Nation

A testament to modern technology, Rachel Shaheen is a wolf that should have died years ago. Instead she turned herself over to the CyberDogs in an attempt to rebuild her shattered body. What emerged from the fevered imaginations of surgeons and technicians is a living weapon fueled by a desire to see the Wyrm crushed beneath her. While it's unknown how extensive the modifications were, witnesses report that she carries a pair of integrated machine guns recessed in a compartment where her lungs are supposed to be. She makes no attempt at hiding her cybernetic nature, simultaneously wearing it as a badge of her commitment to continue fighting and a seeming sense of self-loathing at what she has become. For a living, breathing heavy weapons platform she oddly prefers to be in the thick of battle rather than fighting from a distance.

Rachel has been working as a troubleshooter for the Tribe since the fall of her home sept in 2010. In 2014 her efforts seemed to focus on Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Since November of 2015 she has been seen at the newly established Sept of the Hidden Spring in Central Texas.

Known Associates


  • She came by her fetish in a less than honorable way
  • Cockroach doesn't have a War Form, he has Clashing Boom Boom. And Clashing Boom Boom has her.
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Comments / Quotes

  • "To be comfortable in one's own skin is always a test, but for her it is even greater. She must find her own peace." - Tsomo
  • "Most Glass Walkers I know want to be Iron Man. She SUCCEEDS at being War Machine." - Geralt ibn Herza
  • "Acquired taste. But hell, so am I." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "She apparently is a firm devotee of the principles of overwhelming firepower." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "I was told to stand behind her, if anything bad started to happen. I followed instructions." - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "DID YOU FUCKIN' SEE THAT?! Look, Gaia Forbid, but if anythin' ever happens ta her pack, she's gotta place waitin' in #TOTEM. God-DAMN!" - Judge Taco
  • "Unorthodox for a Garou... But effective. Maybe there IS a place for Weaver tech on the front lines..." - Fiera de la Camada
  • "While the Weaver is strong in this....Wolf, her adherence to tradition and protocol is refreshing." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "She smells really familiar, but I don't know why." - Molly Glenanne
  • "She is an excellent sept alpha, putting the needs of others above her own desires every time she sends a group out on a mission without her. I follow her willingly, even happily." Ember Fannon
  • "The Glasswalker is brash but has heeded my advice so far, which is appreciated in a Sept Alpha. I will be documenting her rise. Let's hope I don't also document her fall." - Josiah
  • "Good Warrior. Fights well. But what happens when she has nothing of herself, and only the Weaver? Time will tell." - Ghost in the Woods
  • "The sept needs Purpose. Right now, it feels like everyone is trying to be the Hero and no one wants to be the means to the end. Let's hope she can inspire by leading. Our Purpose is the end. We are the means to that end. No one is a hero in these times. We cannot afford selfish thinking." Choden
  • "It is always astounding to see how far the Glass Walkers have come. Rachel is a testament to the future of the cyber wolves, and the deadliest thing I have ever built." - Caedon Rothe
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Inspiration & Influences

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Wright

Player Email: MESarahfiona@gmail.com

Storyteller: Stephanie W.

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Austin, Texas