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Name: XM01-'Alpha' AKA Radam
Alias: Radam
Home System: Utopia

OOC Info

Location: Austin, TX
Storyteller: Kyle B.
Player Email: Daniel B.


The XM01 Combat Series of Synthetic was put into production early in The Silent War, and were beyond even the top of the line; they were super-enhanced with advanced cybernetics and bodies that were designed to excel human ability in every way. The line excelled at combat against the Silent, but were swiftly discontinued the units began to display overly aggressive tendencies, with several having psychotic breaks and going on violent killing sprees, either in civilian zones, or on the battlefield, turning on friend and foe alike. As of the year 4117, all models have either been retired or expired - except one. XM01-Alpha, codenamed 'Radam', remains at large at this time. It is unknown how Radam has lived past the engineered 50 year life span of Synthetics, but he is currently an active member of the Mercenary Union, and rumors persist he's been responsible for a number of violent assassinations, targeting mostly individuals who reside in the Core or those with known associates within MegaCorps. He is considered armed, extremely dangerous, and volatile.


Rumor circulate that Radam is residing somewhere in Sector 7, and has been seen frequently in or around the famous VX Resort, or on Wayfinder Station. Considered a vaulable member of the Mercenary Union, many have employed him for jobs ranging from the extremely dangerous to the mundane, and Radam has never failed to deliver on the stated objective; though he is rumored to take changing jobs or compensation mid-assignment...'extremely poorly'.

Recently a string of 'Wanted' announcements have gone out in over a dozen systems in at least two sectors for Radam; considered 'armed and extremely dangerous' and accused of 'terrorist activities', his name is becoming more and more common place on the Verge and in the Expanse as a contract killer; though it's left vague in many instances who he killed or why - speculation says he's working either FOR the MegaCorps or against them, but only those who are close to him can shed any light on the validity of the accusations. He wears the prices on his head (which range from laughable to maybe? worth it?) like a badge of honor and continues to operate openly throughout Sector 7.



  • Is not really human
  • Is being hunted by the MegaCorps
  • Was the the one who pulled off the Notorious 'Party-Scraper Job'
  • He has some kind of agenda, right? Something more than wanton destruction...
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  • Add Your Own!


  • "Most frustrating man in the universe." - Prin Dawnbright
    • "Prin put me in second place at something!" - Magnus
  • "The last moments of a dying star are beautiful to behold and violently destructive to experience." - Nour
  • "Carry on, soldier." - Bones
  • "He stares Death in the eyes and doesn't blink first. Impressive. It only remains to be seen if that's the real him, or if he was just engineered that way." - Hawthorne
  • "He's skilled, focused, direct, and dangerous. I'd work with him again anytime." - Lux
  • "A man is best judged by the enemies he's made, and Radam has the best enemies money can buy." - Fox
  • "Let's envision a future, you and I, where your choices do not put the lives of those I care about in danger..." - Evie Golightly
  • "I understand Radam better than any other human - home-grown or vat-born - in the galaxy. In him, I see what I could have become. I know what I might have been. And sometimes, I wonder, if things were just a little different, if I might still be. And it chills me." - Effie Tussocks
  • "There are two things about us: The one thing I can forgive him for and the other that will never be forgiven." - Diamond
  • "I really like Radam. I most definitely shouldn't. But I like the guy." - Magnus
  • "He thinks he's some big shot cause he got on the most wanted list, just wait until I get there. At least the dude can drink and cause a riot, I respect that." - Dan
  • "Some people are built for destruction. Try as he might to put it to his own purposes rather than those he was created for, Radam can't escape his basic nature. He will destroy those he loves as quickly as those he hates, and there are far fewer of the former." - Evie Golightly
  • "Sure, there's a bounty on him. But the payout has to be worth dying for. And I mean 'being allowed back into the Core with a full pardon' level of payout. There's a reason not a single Merc has taken it on." - Lt. Com. Winchester
  • "It was odd to encounter the man and not exchange gunfire. But he did open my eyes to the truth and that is worth a chance." - Adam
  • "I hope you can rest knowing you made our lives better." - Bones
  • "Your quote here" - Your Name


Ties Sought

Looking for ties all the time; feel free to reach out!


  • K (Blade Runner 2049)
  • Kagami (Psycho Pass)
  • Kovacs (Altered Carbon)

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C/A/I: William Cromwell
Apocalypse: Serves and Protects
COD-X: Jude Brudges
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