Rafael de Corazón

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Rafael de Corazón


Embrace date: 1182 CE
Generation: 5th
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Callisti y Castillo
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: Unknown (probably Spain)
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade and AANST Camarilla

Rafael portrait.jpg
“ Living openly among mortals has been our ruin! We violated the spirit of the Sixth Tradition, and we pay for it in blood! Mortals are too numerous and too jealous of our power. They will try to destroy us as long as they know of us. It has always been so. We must turn our backs on them. We must hide our faces away from their envious eyes. ” — Rafael de Corazón

Physical Description

Gorgeous beyond belief, Rafael has a mellifluous voice to match his looks. Witty and eloquent, de Corazón is credited with being the originator of the Masquerade. He uses his looks to sway others to his point of view. His main flaw is his desire to always be the most beautiful person or thing in any setting. Medium boned and of average stature, de Corazón is beautiful in a way that seems almost angelic. He wears the garb of the Spanish conquerors, a fiery peacock amidst the drabness of his fellow Founders.

“ Do not give the night your fear. Give her your respect. She is both a lover and an adversary. ” — Rafael de Corazón

Brief History

A humble priest in life, Rafael was embraced by Callisti y Castillo, who had disguised herself as a native pagan witch to observe mortals. However, Callisti soon grew tired of the world during the Inquisition, finding that the increased religious fervor produced increasingly lifeless art. She desired to travel the world, and in a moment of opportunity, her childe, Rafael, asked if he might speak in her name and manage her affairs while she was away. His sire agreed, eager to be gone, and left her childe to his own devices. Rafael quickly rose to prominence among his Clan, using his Sire’s titles and embracing many childer of his own. He used his new authority to create alliances and form treaties, often invoking her name to speak directly with the Elders of other Clans. It was during one such impassioned speech that he first set forth the founding principles of the Camarilla, accusing the Elders of creating the situation of the Burning Times and imploring that the Masquerade was the only solution that could protect them long term. His speech turned the heads of even the staunchest Elders of Europe, and they laid down their arms and came together to cover all traces of vampiric existence. Rafael rose to become the most influential Toreador, and it was his ideas and speeches that carried the hearts and minds of Elders, helping form the Pillar Clans into the Camarilla, his greatest work of art. He served proudly as the first Toreador Justicar, and guided his creation as a member of the Inner Circle. Following the Decade of the Red Star, it is unknown if he retains his seat on the Inner Circle.

Known Childer

  • Eric Baring-Gould
  • Rafael has numerous other childer


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