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Character Details

Name: Rafael Lorenzana Santa Inés de Lara

Alternative Names: Asshole, Old Monster, Rafael the Hated

Notable Traits: ARCANE, on a Path of Enlightenment, Eerie Presence: fully black eyes, permanent fangs.

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Sabbat

City: Orange County, CA

Title: Bishop of Faith, Priest, Keeper of a Sacred Text, Sanctified

Pack: Saturnine Sigil

Faction: Moderates

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Apparent Age: Early thirties

Actual Age: Rumours date back through the 1300s.

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Long, straight, brown

Eyes: Pure black, pits of the Abyss

Build: Lanky

Known History

It's difficult to say what Rafael's known history is. Memory of him is fleeting, and any who know him often can only recall "yes, he was present last month". His Childe knows him, though he is also subject to being forgotten by any and all around him.

For what it's worth, he appears to be a Spanish noble, with a crest on his family's sword indicating that he is from Casa de Lara, a noble family whose history dates back at least to the 1200s.

The Anarch Revolt saw Rafael’s penchant for torture and aggression opened up into new opportunities to cause pain and suffering in his enemies, numerous now that they were. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but he was there in the very first “Sabbats”, a name those Cainites took from covens of witches in order to hide their tracks early on, and many were his Elder-worshipping-victims during the nights in which the glorious Sabbat was being formed. The darkness in his blood, however, was always foremost in his speech, endeavors, and appearance. From the first night of his unlife, his eyes poured forth darkness, and his fangs have never retracted.

Privileged Information

Sabbat Lore: Someone by his name and title is known to have assisted in the refinement and earliest practices of Sabbat Ritae during the months after the Convention of Thorns separated the Lasombra and Tzimisce from the other Anarchs who went back to their Elders and domitors. This person is also reputed to have trained younger Sabbat in Ritae and on Path of Night throughout Western Europe, in NY and Baltimore, and then for a few decades in Mexico City.

Lasombra Lore: An Abyss Mystic of great wit and intellect, almost fanatical in his search for more lore and threads upon which to build his tapestry of understanding. Also obnoxious, constantly antagonistic and sarcastic, known to trigger frenzy in Tzimisce from time to time.

Abyss Lore: Trained under Astraea, his Sire, and known to have been willing to teach others of the glorious Sunless Sea if they were diligent enough to pass his "trials".

Public Information

Status: Blessed (or Enforcer, chosen at start of each night) Initiated, Anointed, Ordained

Known Associates


  • Rafael once fought a monomancy so badly that he fled to the Abyss to hide his shame, only to have the Abyss spit him back out.
  • Rafael has a ghoul that is nearly as old as he is. He will not kill or embrace the man until he finds a tailor of greater skill.
  • Rafael is the last remaining member of his brood. He says little about it except "Yeah, lots of us died at that time. Tower blood was spilled, I promise you."


  • "If I kill someone instead of taking them captive, when possible, I deprive the Sect of a convert."
  • "Torture isn't killing. Come, let me show you."
  • "He says that I am right even when I'm wrong. He's mischief and a riddle. Absolutely singular, I'm sure I'll never meet someone quite like him again." - Valerie Evans

Inspiration & Influences

  • Esteban Vihaio - Kill Bill
  • Tony Montana - Scarface
  • Sylens - Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • The Joker - Batman
  • Mother Talzin - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Character Theme: REV 22:20 by Puscifer
  • More songs:
  • -Purple Gusher by REZZ
  • -How Long by How to Destroy Angels
  • -God is God by Juno Reactor
  • -Pistolero by Juno Reactor
  • -Forbes by Borgore ft. G-Eazy

OOC Information

Player: Justin Benti

Player Email: Email Me

Sabbat VST Email: VST Email

Location: Orange County, CA (Black Magic Kingdom Domain, CA-052-D).

This character is a 7th Generation PC in a Lineage. Contact me at my email for ties, or if you'd like to be put in contact with my Lineage head, etc!