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Character Information

Name: Rain McAnbis

Type: Lost

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Bright One or Playmate (or both)

Court: Nebula

Appearance: Striking Looks 2, Presence 5, Fame 2, Barfly, Nebula 3, long brunette hair and hazel eyes. For those that can see beneath her mask, Rain is a Lost. Her mien is Fairest, and she is a porcelain doll. Her hazel eyes turn a brilliant green that matches her mantle. There is a feel of growing plants, earth, and water around her, like plants in a warm rain shower with a matching scent for those that are able to sense it.

Location: Wayfinder Station

Employment: Nebula Club and Tribal Infusion


4068 June 7th: Rain is born. She's not sure where; it was during a trip from here to there and in mid-space. Her parents were entertainers. Her father sang and played various instruments. Her mother danced. Rain was taught to do her mother's dances when she became old enough to handle a sword.

4086 December 29th: Rain is kidnapped and her parents killed by the Thurisaz that took her. She is forced to dance and be a companion to the Thurisaz. She knew him as Master only until she escapes twenty-five years later space-time.

4111 March 15th: Rain escapes from the Thurisaz. She adapts to real life again and tries to find her fetch so she can kill her.

4112 October 13th: Rain finds her fetch and kills her.

4112--4115: Rain travels from here and there like her parents did entertaining people and forming a following.

4115: Rain ends up on the Wayfarer and dances in Alek's club. He invites her to stay and she does. She settles down on the space station and creates a stable life for herself.

4116 April 24th: Rain is found by her cousin Teresa Guis. Teresa stays on the station to give Rain a hand as a girl Friday and as a friend.

4117 September 26th: (Game Start) She enjoys her dancing, her patrons and her boss.



  • "Fantastic dancer with a lot of talent. But she's so much more than that, she's got a big heart, and she's a true friend." - |Ehroth
  • "Rain is amazing in all way. Iskra owe so much. Beautiful dancer, kind heart. " - Iskra
  • "Her skill on the dance floor isn't all that she should be known for. She is an individual worth knowing, if given the chance. Take it." Magnus Duskthorne
  • I started with a dancer, who became a friend, who became a skilled blade dancer. Maybe it's time to take lessons or my club is really a secret staging ground for female warriors." Alek Hawthorne
  • "Princess fucking Dresden. This woman made my night a little fun." Flynn Mason
  • "Deadly with a dance, but it is her hands holding blades one must watch out for." Cerrdiwen
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  • The Thurisaz wanted to be entertained so who better than a dancer like Rain?
  • May have an open bar tab to grant to who ever she pleases due to a failed bet.
  • Terrible Sword Fighter, but she makes it up with her dancing.
  • Desires to find love among the stars and spacers she works alongside.
  • She has has a very deadly weapon in her back pocket,and it is not her blades.
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Rain's Apartment

Skill with swords


Rain's Mien

Rain McAnbis Mien.jpg

Teresa Guis

Rain's cousin that lives with her

Teresa McAnbis.jpg

The kitox Alek made for her



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OOC Information

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Storyteller: Jake W.

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