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Raine Davis]

Name: Raine "SafeGuard" Davis-Dimakos

Tribe: Black Fury

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Outspoken, Determined, competitive, Driven, Protective, Sports lover!

Pack: Alpha of Gaia's Shield

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Guardian - Sept of the Gathering Tides

Adrenrain.gif Alpha.gif Guardian.gif



1990 - Born to Garou Mother - Theurge - "Healing Rain", Kinfolk Father died shortly after her birth. Along with her twin Sister Lexi.

2000- Competition became her driving force. Sports of choice: Hockey, Rugby, Mixed Martial Arts, Archery & Soccer

2006 - Earned variety of 1st places in Martial Arts Competitions & Archery. Captain of Rugby team.

2006 - Went through the change.

2006 - Lost her home sept to the great corruption.

2006-2016 - trained to hone her combat skills. Wandering not staying in anyplace long.

2017 - Travels to Puerto Rico and helps the Sept there.

2017 - December 21st - Marries Marcello Dimakos


Firework - by Katy Perry

Keep Holding On - by Avril Lavigne

Go The Distance - Cover by Samantha Barks (Original Hercules)




Raine is Pregnant

Dislikes authority.

If you look up stubborn in the dictionary you'll find her name.

Exceptionally Competitive.

If you don't wanna know don't ask, because she is always completely honest.


Always loyal to others sometimes even the unworthy.

Her hair isn't dyed. It even transitions to her wolf form.

Raine Quotes:

Her Oath of the Fury: "I am the shield that protects. I am the light in the darkness. I am Gaia's warrior. Defender of the weak protector of the innocent from this day until Gaia calls me home"

" I go Zero to Awesome in 10 seconds flat"

"Way I see it, Put up or Shut Up! Period."

Quotes About Her

"Ask her if she likes Marshmallows and archery. Try and get her to commit to her favourite. Make sure you aren't holding a bag of marshmallows and her with her bow when you ask"... Annika

"I am amazed to find one capable of so much joy and sorrow. Truly a worthy fighter, and an incredible person" -Wanders-the-Umbra

"So I suppose flaming marshmallow ammo is a thing now. You learn something new every day." Catalin Corbeanu

"I like her. She didn't whine about the security measures, and took everything I threw her way with aplomb. While flamboyant, she follow tradition without hesitation. Many in the Nation should learn a lot from her example." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Roukre

"She is a young Ahroun. She burns so brightly right now, but she is working on stoking that flame. In time, she will be a formidable ally to the Nation. For now, I will see if I can help her find someway to channel that fire." - Amasis Sabry

"God Love her but she's very stubborn when she wants to be. It makes caring for her hard sometimes, but My will is as strong as hers." - Brigid O'Mannion

"I just realized I've been branded with her own version of a *cutie mark* looks at the rainbow hair tied to his tail. Quite the fetching promise token to be safe." -Valen Cross

"A fiery personality, to be sure. And does her Auspice proud. She's gonna go far, that rainbow-wolf." - Wyrmbaiter

"A skilled commander with an excellent grasp of battlefield tactics. She understands when to take action, and when it is necessary to hold back. I respect that." - Lillian St. Claire

"Marry a good cook, then you never have to eat burnt Cabbage" - Advice from Annika

2017 - Awarded Deedname "SafeGuard" by Clickbait

Tale of SafeGuard - Raine's Deedname

Recently at a Slap Dance Feast I met a young Black Fury in San Juan known as Raine Davis, and wanted to share a story about this promising warrior. Amidst the haze of smoke and the revelry I was told a story of how her ancestor died defending her Caern several years prior. Raine was a cub at the time and kept away from the worst of the fighting.

She was protecting the kinfolk of the caern as any young Ahroun cub should when the forces of the wyrm sought to end the future of the nation. She was armed only with a bow, a gift from her mother ‘Healing Rain’ that died that night in battle. This warrior was barely sixteen however that didn’t stop her from defending the kin. The first few arrows that were fired had lit marshmallows on the tips, striking the dry grass between her and the fomori creating a flaming hazard that distracted her foes.

As the fomori closed in she finished with several arrows, each one finding their target as she shifted into her war form. The fomori were fell yet they had been led by a Black Spiral Dancer and so this cub prepared to fight to the death to defend her kin knowing she was outmatched.

As the two crinos met in close quarters claws and teeth were used, yet this was only the start. Raine cleverly used a feign to trick her enemy into a vulnerable position enough that she could throat this BSD and end the battle swiftly. Yet this feign came not from herself but from her ancestors. Without the guidance of those who had come before her this cub would have died for Gaia yet she still lives today.

For her deeds let this warrior be known as Safeguard. She is a safe guardian to anyone in the Garou Nation.

Clickbait, Talesinger of the Sept of Hope’s Resurgence Don of the Luciano Conglomerate Galliard Adren of the Glass Walker Tribe Member of the pack Checks & Balances

Raine's Kinfolk - NPC (Backround)

Marcello Dimakos]

Name: Marcello Davis-Dimakos

Tribe: Black Fury Kinfolk

Notable Traits: Master Chef, Protective, Romantic,

Society: Kinfolk, Mortal

Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tides


A man of principle and compassion. He is passionate about life and carries himself with a flare for the dramatic. He adores his "Rainbow-Girl" and has known her since she was 13. Aside from cooking, martial arts and enjoying the beauty all around him, one of his favorite pass times is to tease Raine with the most outlandish and extravagant compliments he can think of. Marcello is also a man of deep kindness, understanding and caring. With a large extended family that spreads from his ancestral lands in Athens Greece, across the globe, including Soothes the Storms of the Sept of the Oak Vale, in Wales ,and Sam Falls Like Rain Bowden, Fostern Arhoun of the Sept of the Standing Stones. Marcello has loved Raine since the moment he met her and is her loving husband.

Raine's Wolfkin.jpg


These wolf-kin are dear to Raine. They are her fallen packmate, Asger's legacy, and these are the three closest to Raine. Lilly has Get of Fenris Markings and looks to be about 3 years old. She is mother of Mystique who is only 6 months old. Captain is of a different mother wolf named Tily but is around the same age of 5-6 months. These kin adore Raine and have chosen to stay with her and Gaia's Shield along with some of their siblings. They can often be seen with her, when she is in the wilds. If you look very closely. Raine is fiercely protective of all the wolf-kin as keeping them safe and protected was her last promise to Asger. And protecting the innocent her totem's demand.

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