Ramon De La Benedicion

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Commonly Known Information
Name:Ramon De La Benedicion
Position:Prince of Miami
Social Status:Luminary Elder
Fleeting Status:
OOC Information
Player:Eddie S
Player Email:rez960@gmail.com
Storyteller:Chris U
Storyteller Email:miami.camarilla@gmail.com
Location:Miami, FL

Y Como se viste?

The man carries himself with a smile along with a passion that may seem odd for a Nosferatu. He considers himself a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures, music, dance, food and the like. Always well dressed and never disheveled, Ramon is a charismatic sort who enjoys games of wit and banter while sitting back with his cafecito. Typically in a guayavera and dress pants, he tends to appear as if he is going out for a party. Beneath his mask though, his skin appears to be dark yellow with cracks forming all along his features.

Oir La Timba

Born and raised in Valencia in the early ages, Ramon walked the streets as a member of the impoverished. He found no problem in it though, willing to live the rest of his mortal existence with a smile and a spring to his step. That was until the occupation of Valencia began. Music, life, and the rhythm were being taken away from all those beneath the Moors. He could not stand for this. So, under the direction of Jimena Diaz, the wife of El Cid, a resistance formed as they began to drive back those non native to the country.

Ramon developed songs and stories, hiding secrets and messages in plain sight while passing them along to the couriers who would take them to the armies outside the walls, waiting to take back the city. But perhaps he was far too good at his work.

The city was taken back after a few months of raiding the enemy stores, and in the celebration while everyone was dancing and singing in the streets, Ramon was taken by something he considered monstrous. This monster became his sire, as he could not let a mortal with such skill go to waste. Ramon hated what he had become, attempting to take his on unlife on multiple occasions.

Though after some time, he began hearing a song. The same rhythm that had pushed him as a mortal. The same rhythm and beat that pushed him through all those years. He accepted his new unlife, willing to take the bad meat he had been given and create bistec empanizado. His love of life returned, and with it a slight blessing as he found that he himself could still consume the food and drink of his people.

He journeyed to Cuba, admiring and learning of their culture before taking a trip to the new land and deciding that it was time for a ciesta. When he awoke, the praxis of Miami had been all but forced upon him. Though, in his duties, he will always work and live with the passion of his people.



  • Actually a Toreador, and infiltrating a different clan. How avant garde!
    • Naw, he was a Toreador ghoul that was poached.
  • Rumor me!


  • "Ramon is always there with cafe and good advice. He never lost his spirit, and yet grew in wisdom. I am lucky to know him." - Senna Solano
  • "Livets sang strømmer gjennom hans årer. Intelligens lever i øynene hans. Vær oppmerksom på hans ord. Stol på hans veiledning." - Olaf
  • "All the world’s a stage, the Bard has said. And all creatures such as you and I are still merely players. But one man in his time will always play many parts. *He* is just such a man. Cyrus Eddington
  • "There's plenty of good reasons that I dance when he says to dance." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "It is so rare to see a member of his Clan embracing their existence with such fervor and without the marked bitterness filtering through them all. Fascinating...I wonder if I will earn the privilege of the time to hear more of his tale, before all is said and done." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "Quote me." - your name

Character Inspirations

*Rogelio. Jane the Virgin

  • Juan Luis Guerra
  • The most interesting man in the world.
  • El Cid


*Muchachita Linda

  • Tus Besos
  • Mi Primer Milon
  • Malguena Salerosa
  • Pedro Navajas