Ramona "No Shit There I Was" Whittmore

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Ramona Whittmore
Deed Name:No Shit There I Was
Notable Traits:Older and… Gifted
Auspice:Ragabash and Galliard
Sept:Spet of the Found
OOC Information
Player:Latisha L
Player Email:us2003051560@gmail.com
Storyteller:NRV DST
Storyteller Email:nrv.dst@gmail.com
Location:NRV, VA


Ramona is a flamboyant and sassy former beauty queen with a soft spot for wayward cubs or others of the Garou nation that are in need. She's a great Den Mother type regardless of her (or your) breed, tribe or pretty much anything else.

She was crowned Miss Virginia in 1979 and after her first change married a well off Bastet Kinfolk who was older than her. Thankfully he died shortly after giving her the means to indulge in a wild life.

She has a penchant for wild times, wild parties and the age of the men she prefers didn’t grow up with her. She flirts with everyone to a fault.


Ramona is always dressed up. She doesn’t believe in leaving the house without a full face of makeup and her hair done. Usually the higher the hair the better and she can be heard saying “the higher the hair the closer to god”. She also loves her jewelry and bling. When with others of the Nation she most always carries her fetish. A double headed ax with jewels set into the furrows that make up the bastet symbol on the head.



  • 1961 - Ramona was born in South West Virginia
  • 1979 - Became Miss Virginia
  • 1980 - First Change
  • 1981 - Married coal tycoon Charles Whitmore IV
  • 1982 - Husband died in a freak cave collapse
  • 1983 - Ramona took his fortune to travel and partied hard
  • 1999 - She retreated to her former home in SW Virginia.
  • 2002 - Started being a very public figure in the local social scene.
  • 2016 - Was present when the Sept of the Found formed in Eggleston, VA.


  • Ramona had an affair with former President Clinton while he was in office.
  • And his wife.

Stories She Tells

Below is a collection of stories that Ramona has collected in play.

  • The Hunt for Sarah Manning - This was a quest undertaken in Atlanta by Arc St. Claire, Jay, All Out of Bubble Gum, Col. Solomon and No Shit There I Was
  • Assualt on the House - A house owned by a Pentex Executive is stormed by All Out of Bubble Gum, Col. Solomon, Preserves the Future, Tech Support and No Shit There I Was
  • Vanquishing Yggraf - Yggraf is vanquished in the middle of a baseball field by Flitter Flatter Fient, Lisbeth, Heart Over Mind, Alex Birb?, Col. Solomon, Preserves the Future, Healing Words and No Shit There I Was
  • Getting it Done - The group embarks on a quest to shape the very being of the Umbra with Faster than Traffic, Culls-the-Blades, Kara, Flys the Strange Paths, Azira and No Shit There I Was
  • Creation and Destruction - Our heroes, Joseph Winter's Wrath, Flys Strange Paths, Azira, Kara and No Shit there I Was, venture forth into the Umbra.
  • Gathering of the Gafflings - On a quest for Falcon a phrat party ensues with Tenacious Spirit, Healing Words, Tech Support, Flies Strange Paths and No shit there I Was
  • The Killing of a Wyrm Agent - To appease Falcon a group sets out to assist in the destruction of an agent of the worm. Tenacious Spirit, Culls-the-Blades Healing Words Flies Strange Paths and No Shit There I Was.