Randall "Binds with The Wind' Giles

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Randall Giles

Notable Traits: Piercing green eyes.

Pack: Unpacked

Society: Binds with The Wind

Sept: Sept of the Summer Gale


1986: Born to A Stargazer Pliladox and a Unnamed Kinfolk 1986-2004 Raised on the Sept and homeschooled 2004: Enters into the Masters Program at a Georgia Tech 2006: Returns home when the Moon Bridges begin failing, soon after he changes 2007: Mother dies in a raid on the Sept. Earning a place in the Hall of Heroes 2010: Binds with the Wind Travels the the Sept of the Crescent Moon to help defend it 2010: After the siege is broken Binds stops in Georgia for a short time on personal business before returning home. 2010-2011 Begins accepting students and tutoring many in the arts of the middle way 2011: Earned his rank of fostern and a place in the group that would bring the shard seed back to be planted 2011-Present: Binds has been helping to rebuild the Sept, Caern and himself with it.


  • He's a Kalindo Master.
  • His to wishy washy to be in a Pack.

OOC Information

Player: Zach Green

Player Email: Cobra.Kailindo@gmail.com

Storyteller: Erin DeMoulin

Storyteller Email: Chaosatriversedge@gmail.com

Location: Saint Louis, MO