Randy "Arty" Tate

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Randy “Arty” Tate
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Domain: Montréal, Canada
Player: Chris H (CA2010061501)
VST: Montréal Sabbat VST

Name: Randy “Arty” Tate
Faction:Pander Movement
Pack:Midnight at the Movies <deceased>


Initiated into the Sabbat
Lesser Ban Humanity



Further Information
  • 1976: Born in Alberta
  • 2003: Embraced mysteriously and likely due to a feeding mishap. With no sire, Arty was offered the limited protection of the Camarilla.. for a price.
  • 2006: Becomes hunted by the elders of the Sect and narrowly escapes. Bitter and on the run he encounters a nomadic pack called Midnight at the Movies
  • 2007: Is initiated into the Sabbat and rides with his pack.
  • 2018: Arrives in Montreal to find renewed purpose in offering up his knowledge of the Camarilla as an ambassador

  • "Tate may yet get a piece of glory for himself if he pulls this off. He could do much worse. ” - The Basilisk
  • "Of all the worthy enemies the Sabbat has to field, they send me this refuse, this reject, the best and brightest of the bottom of the barrel. His very existence is an insult; him sharing my presence makes my Beast roil. ” - Prince Thaddeus Moreau
Notable Traits
  • Arty is a film nut and will share his passion
  • Used to be Camarilla before finding the words of Caine. Hates those elder loving ass#*%!#

Known associates
  • TBD

  • TBD

Out of Character
  • Ken Kaneki “Tokyo Ghoul” (Reluctant acceptance of power)
  • Christopher Chance “The Human Target” (Master of disguise)
  • Rob Gordon, High Fidelity (Elitist collector)
  • Jaqen H'ghar, “Game of Thrones” (Master fighter and infiltrator)

  • Everybody Needs a Ninja, "Matthew Ebel"
  • Vanishing, "A Perfect Circle"