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Commonly Known Information

Name: Rankeillour
Class: Master Elder
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Virtual
Clan: Gangrel



  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged


  • Honorable - Luminary Malkavian Archivist
  • Favored - Luminary Malkavian Archivist
  • Courteous - Luminary Elder Toben The Bear of Clan Brujah



1200px-Clan member crest badge - Clan Makgill.svg.png

Historical Timeline


7/22/1297 takes a mortal wound at the Battle of Falkirk where he was embraced and taken from the battlefield by his sire, Arne who is childer of Ikkenai (5th gen).

1297 - 1350 Rankeillour spends his time together with Arne during his time of accounting. when he leave his sire in 1350 Arnes give his ghoul (Hilf) over to Rankeillour.

1352 Rankeillour embraces his first Childer, Hilf (Monika Bailey US2008032050) in the 100 year war.

1485 - Rankeillour travels to America.

1493 - Joined the Camarilla

1502 - Rankeillour helps some of the first slaves in America escape their masters in the Spanish Colony of Santo Domingo

1530 - Rankeillour fights against the anarch revolt

1730 - Rankeillour returns to Scottland

1773 - Rankeillour moves back to America

1775-1783 Rankeillour helps in the American Revolution

1789 – 1799 Rankeillour moves to France during the French Revolution

1815 - Rankeillour moves back to the United States

1830 helps a Cherokee family avoid being put on the Trail of Tears hiding in the mountains of North Carolina.

1872-1874 Rankeillour is seen traveling with Lady_Von_Jagar venture.

2017 - Rankeillour ghouls a wolf he names Fiona and ghouls a college student named Astrid to help him with technology

2018 - Rankeillour moves to Santo Domingo



OOC Information

Player: Randy Blackwell
Player Email: Rankeillour
Storyteller: Mary Dubuisson
Storyteller Email: [vst.camarilla@virtual.mindseyesociety.org ]

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