Ransom Kincaid

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Ransom Kincaid

  • Nicknames: Ran Kincaid
  • Embrace date: Early 1700's
  • Generation: 8th Gen
  • Clan: Tremere
  • Sire: Meliora
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: East Central USA
  • ST Point of Contact: Local ST
  • Player Contact: Jason Herman
Ransom Kincaid.JPG

General Information

Ransom, or as he often goes by Ran, is one of the Kincaid brothers. At face value the two are stereotypical British aristocrats. Well educated and 'from money' they were highly sought after as ghouls. Having nearly been poached multiple times by other clans they were embraced into House and Clan where they were immediately put to use manipulating their families wealth and connections on behalf of the Clan. Arrogant and pompous is only part of their charm as they are meticulous when it comes to the letter of the law, often dancing on its edge to prove their superiority. Fierce tempers, that are rarely scene but have often been that cause of whispered rumors. Often he goes out of his way to look different than his twin at least style wise.

Titles and Accolades

  • Tremere Only: Regent of the 3rd
  • Elder of the Camarilla
  • Courteous by Saharat, Prince of Raleigh
  • Favored by Meloria, Elder Tremere

Past Locations

Oxford, England


Oxford educated in the late 1600's. One of the founding members of the Society of Antiquaries with his twin brother Randall Kincaid. Ghouled to another clan before being sold to the Tremere. Embraced into Clan Tremere in the early 1700's. Primarily worked as a translator of Khmer artifacts.


  • Exiled from the Society of Antiquaries for being thieves and poseurs.
  • Hates having a twin.


  • "If you call me Randall one more time, i'll gut you and have you watch your innards burn to ash." - Ransom Kincaid