Raposa Prata

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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Raposa Prata, aka Mono no Aware

Alias: Nono

Tribe: Kitsune

Rank: Sanbi (three-tails)

Breed Roko

Auspice: Kataribe

Position: none

Notable Traits: A silver fox (color variant of the red fox)

Pack: Go Rin


Sept: Little Rock, AR


  • October 21, 1600: Born in the rear palace of Chiyoda Castle in Edo, Japan
    • Raposa’s father is killed in the Battle of Sekigahara
  • 1600 - 1853
    • Raposa stayed loyal to the Tokugawa shogunate for the 250 years it ruled over Japan. She is raised during this time by her mother, Kozosu, who is the head of Ieyasu’s rear palace at the time of Raposa’s birth.
    • She became the Historian for the local Beast Court, holding onto tradition and honor, but always seeking new stories, and new songs to add to her collection.
    • She traveled many times to China and to Korea, even making trips as far south as Singapore, and as far west as Nepal. Collecting stories and tales as she went.
    • Raposa earned her first three tails during this time.
  • July 1853, when the Black Ships of Commodore Perry came sailing into Edo Bay
    • In the years that followed Japan was flung into economic and social ruin, struggling between old social and political traditions, and the opening of their country to new, foreign influence.
    • Raposa begins to take an interest in Western culture, clothing, and history.
  • 1853 – 1999
    • During the numerous conflicts between China and Japan, and Korea and Japan, Raposa became an interpreter for the Japanese government, and was thus able to continue to travel through much of the orient even through the ongoing conflicts.
    • It was during this time that an act of dishonor caused her to lose one of her tails.
  • 1999, Raposa joins with the Stargazers in their fight to retake their home in Tibet.
  • 2009, Rapose travels with a number of other Kitsune and Stargazers to the US as a diplomat from the Beast Courts.


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OOC Information

Player: Laura Simpson

Storyteller: Jasmine Jobe

Location: Little Rock, Ar