Raven Tempestarii

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The Raven
Name:Raven Tempestarii
Positions:Blood Ambassador to the Court of Austin
Pack: The Mystics
  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Loyal for his assistance against an infernalist cult by Bishop Beau
  • Courageous for his actions against the Unblinded Brotherhood by Archbishop Alexandra Tenebris
  • Honorable for his assistance of the Diocese of Tarrant County by Archbishop Rowan "Red" Flannery
  • Battle-scarred for destroying enemies of the Sabbat by his ductus Constantin
  • Devout for assisting the Pasadena diocese investigate heresy, by Archbishop Oswulf of Pasadena

Raven Tempestarii is a Lasombra loremaster and occultist, following Gaelic and Celtic traditions that hint at his possible origins. He has only recently reentered sect society in response to the crises and changes of these last few years, and at the prodding of some of his allies.

Raven has been relied upon for both his knowledge and his prowess against the enemies of the Sabbat many times in the past, and possesses a stoic and intense personality that tends to leave an impression.

Notable Traits
  • Eerie Presence: Supernatural Intensity
  • On a Path of Enlightenment
  • Wears a variety of charms and icons, often of a Celtic or Gaelic design
  • Loremaster
  • Chosen and vetted to be one of the first emissaries to the Camarilla at the Founders' Ball of 2018 by the Consistory of the Sabbat
  • Often accompanied by three bird companions - Cailleach, a barn owl; Neman, a raven; and Branwen, a starling. They are calm around Cainites and respond to his commands. Branwen can be a bit talkative and vain though.

Little is known about Raven's mortal history. His adornments and style of occultism points to a Gaelic or Celtic origin, but he speaks an unaccented English most of the time. He appeared in Sabbat society off and on for the last two centuries. He is known as an insightful loremaster whose personality shifts between stoicism and fanaticism, and often a terrifying combination of both.

He has always been somewhat remote from his sect, but particularly in the last century, keeping a few close confidantes but otherwise keeping to his own business. He shows himself to complete certain tasks, hunt a particular foe or provide insights into one of his areas of expertise, and then goes back to his cenobite-like reclusiveness.

His recent reemergence is unexpected and has unclear implications for both the sect as a whole and the Diocese of San Marcos. It was less surprising he was tasked by his frequent patron Serafino Morreti to provide protection during their visit to the Founder's Ball of the Camarilla in the summer of 2018, but his later announcement he would be taking residence in San Marcos in a more active fashion has unclear implications. He is a very particular kind of piece to move onto the board.

Since, he has arisen to the role of Templar, and had the peculiar honor of being the first blood ambassador to the Camarilla in the United States, being accepted into the court of Prince Olaf Magnusson in Austin.



  • Raven can be called upon to gather forces to take out thaumaturgists who are threats to sect - and has arrived with considerable force when called upon several times.
  • Enjoys eclectic jewelry.
  • Owns a pet named Octavia.
  • His name is Bird Storm Wizard.
  • That's Brother Bird Storm Wizard to you.
  • He's obviously not related to Vox Umbra. The Latin is conjugated properly.
  • Confirmed to be a Telyav in guise of a Lasombra.
  • "Our meeting was a mix of being enthralled by beautiful words and feeling like he was trying to decide how best to kill and eat me. It was curiously unsettling." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "I like him. He does necessary work. Now, why do you stare at me so? Were you expecting something more florid?" - Katona
  • "I have a deep respect for him, even though I've made it my mission to annoy him. Luckily, he has a sense of humor. Sometimes. In short, he's got my, uh, services at his beck and call." - Valerie Evans
  • "Something wicked this way comes." - Alice Roux
  • "CAW!" - Valerie Evans
  • "I saw this one return to the sword, quietly he observed. I seen this before and waited for them to move. The moment you saw blood in the water, he was there. Let his disguise not fool you, this is no Cainite, this is a Shark that wanders among us." - Paladin Thompson
  • "I dunno why he'd lie about being a Lasombra. Telyav can hang just fine." - Malachi Salamanca
  • "Han er så lojal overfor sin tro på at han er blind for verdens sannhet. Hva er sannheten? Hvis vår "Far" eksisterer, bryr han seg ikke om oss." - Olaf
  • "I will record the minutes, but it is you that argues to the jury." - Verkenner
  • "I could write you a book about him, what I like about him, and what I fucking hate about him. But, he provides me a good example of things to aspire to and things to avoid doing in my own life. He's a good, tempestuous monster, just like me." - Mordechai
  • "No one will ever question the devotion, passion, and commitment to the Sword of Caine that Templar Tempestarii has. He may however wish to lay off the alcohol, or at least obtain some singing lessons." - Tyrus
  • "We have an understanding." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "He is a fool in the guise of a scholar. A follower in the guise of a leader. A lost sheep in the guise of a shepherd. A child in the guise of an elder. There are many things he is and pretends to be, but I don't care enough to sift through the imagined complexity." - Valerie Evans
  • "Your quote." - Your Name