Ravenia Farro

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lady Ravenia Farro

Title: Ambassador of Houston

Notable Traits: Dressed completely in Victorian black, including a veil. No one living has seen her face.

Clan: Nosferatu


Born in the 1850s on the East Coast of America, Lady Farro is smart as a whip, and just as cutting. She is known as a loremaster and a brilliant linguist. She and her sister, Lady Rue Khorasan, rule the Nosferatu Warrens of Houston.


  • It's said that her sister embraced her to save her from an abusive husband. Or her sister's sire?
  • She wears black in mourning for the woman she was never allowed to be in life.



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OOC Information

Player: Cat Steele
Player Email: limecustard at gmail
Storyteller: William H.
Storyteller Email: houcam.vtm.vst@gmail.com
Location: Houston, TX