Ravianna Kerensky

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=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Ravianna Kerensky (Ravi for short)

Notable Traits: Strong willed, Likable, Elite

Type: Mortal

M.F.P: Main Force Patrol Sergeant

Department: Vice (undercover operations)

Badge: MFP3647

=== Biography ===

Born: January 21, 4014, on a small moon of Elysia in the Lymurian System

Height: 5ft (when not wearing heels)

Weight: 115lbs

Hair Color: Black (subject to change)

Eye Color: Grey-Blue (subject to change)

Complexion: Fair (subject to change)

Allergies: None

Favorite Food: pasta in a white pepper sauce (pasta alfredo) or meat and cabbage dumplings (potstickers)

Favorite Beverage: Coffee or whisky (sometimes both), but if it’s shots, she prefers rum

Likes: Barrooms, guns, roses, good music, and learning new things

Dislikes: Her older brother, stupid people, and kale

=General Attire=

Informal: shorts or mini-skirt, tank-top, jacket, and boots

Semi-formal: dress pants and blouse

Formal: Cocktail dress or full women’s suit (preferably pinstriped)


As yet to be determined… ...bar fights?

=Recent Activity=

Ravi has undergone surgery to have the Chameleon-skin plug-in implanted. She can now change her outward appearance at will. So, some days she walks into the precinct with long red hair, some days with short white hair, and all shades of tanning. She has been thinking about purple eye color for the next office holiday party.

=== Rumors ===

  • She likes to start barroom brawls, but dips out halfway through.
  • She's really a drug addict.
  • She likes her little brother a little too much.
  • Shes actually a Synth to cover up the real Ravianna's death at the hands of her older brother.

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Carla Melvin

Player Email: kallistikat21@gmail.com

Storyteller: Nat Calvert

Storyteller Email: al.020.dspace@gmail.com

Location: AL-020-D