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I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant.

It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

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Information Known by those Outside the Circle

Name: Razortooth, the Undying

Alias: Bruce Lamnidae

Fera: Rokea
Auspice: Brightwater
Rank: of the Deeps (Elder)
Breed Position: Voice of the Un-Sea (Breed Second)
Sept Position: Apex of the Last Bastion of Light's Keep
Residence: Matagorda Island, TX
Slew: Guardians of the Deep
Notable Traits: Physically fit, doesn't understand time or human cultures.

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Slew: Guardians of the Deep

Allies and Family

What is Said



  • "I've had six years to work with him on human culture, however, it's still weird living with someone like a Squamus." - Priscilla
  • "He's a fierce fighter, there's no doubt about that. But he's also a nice guy, I like him a lot and I look forward to seeing him again." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Not food. Like this one, he's smart and wise with it. Good friend to have." - Zoya Petrova
  • "headsmash for the win" - Shipsinker
  • "It was good to see my friend. He reassures me that there are things that do not change." - Jo Trevino
  • "I asked him to smile; he didn't. I'm thinking that may have been a good thing..." - Spitballer
  • "Razortooth is the Rokea from the deep that should terrify the Wyrm. I'd never want him as an enemy." - Clickbait
  • "Valued friend whose wise advice shall always be treasured and passed on to the generations to come." - Valen Cross
  • "A mighty warrior, and one who does not take his allies for granted. Glorious in battle, Wise in Counsel, and Honorable in the words he speaks, an alliance with him is a wise course to those who would see Gaia clean again." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
  • "At first I didn't know what to think - here were these aliens on our doorstep, prodding us to fight each other and sharp in their words and actions. It bothered me... but over time Razortooth and his mate changed my mind entirely. It'll be alliances like the ones he cultivates that can save our world, if we step past our own pride." - Ex Machina
  • "Of my three tribes, only one was a seafaring folk. I have ever been a creature of land, and of all the Fera, only the Rokea have been a mystery to me. I have known Razortooth only a short time, but I have learned that the heights of the mountains are only overmatched by the depths of the Sea." - Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees
  • "Razortooth has proven to be one of my closest friends and greatest allies, I trust him with my life. There is a great deal I would do for him, and he knows he only needs to ask a favour of me and I'll do anything to help." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "I can count the number of warriors that can keep up with me on 1 hand. He's one of them. Don't fuck with him if you like to live." - Martial Law
  • "I will kill them if I can!" - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Never was there a greater ally to the kinfolk than Razortooth, and I doubt there ever will be again." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "To live will be an awfully big adventure. And you have so many in your long life Razortooth." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Razortooth, Did what he was gifted by the Sea and Gaia todo, Destroy anything that the Wyrm may sleep and dwell. We lost a Warrior that day, Now the question is....Who do we as Ahrouns of The Sept try to fill in that massive void he left as a Powerhouse Ahroun." - Stags-Fury
  • "I am glad to see the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
  • "The elders speak highly of him. Despite our first meeting and the threats being thrown he has let me live. Then again I haven't been swimming since." - Erin Murray
  • "My Apex, he is a fine leader, he trusts those under him to know what they are doing, and he cares for each of us. Never before have I felt a leader who trusted and cared about me more." - Soothes the Burn
  • "If we survive. When the time comes. When Squamus hunt Homids again. How many eyes will the Leviathans take before he culls his mate? His children?" - Landswimmer
  • "A better question is how many would die attempting to kill my children, whether by my teeth or theirs?" - Razortooth the Undying
  • "Quote." - Name


  • He is his father's son by birth only.
  • Razortooth the Undying earned his name Ironically. He died.
  • He's ancient, born sometime around the time that Kiev burned.
  • For an Old Squamus he's pretty moderate towards Homids, Kin, and Bitten alike.
  • Even after joining the Betweeners he's still pretty willing to slay humans, as just less likely to do so if they haven't done anything wrong to the environment in front of him.
  • Believes any Shark that willingly allows Finning to continue and has the ability to prevent it or stop it entirely is a betrayer of the Rokea and should be slain and dropped in a bed of Lava.
  • Really likes heavy metal, enough so he learned how to play guitar.
  • Retrieve bloody corpses of Garou for later consumption.
  • Nearly killed a Nuwisha.
  • Died in Houston Texas to an ambush of Black Spiral Dancers.
  • Frenzy is an old friend for him... One friend that has to be kept at a distance lest friends and foes alike perish.
  • He doesn't even -LIKE- Tuna.
  • A year after his death almost to the day he returned to Houston and fought with the members of the Sept of Bayou’s Blessing and other allies to destroy the Hive that corrupted the Garou that killed him the year before.
  • Will gladly use vampires as chew toys even if they can summon vampires or raise the dead.
  • Remember Street Sharks... he inspired them.
  • Walks an incredibly thin line between mindlessness of rage and loyalty to Kun.
  • Marked with Lightning Strike from the Incarna Tempest on his left arm.
  • Recently met Griffon in person, they made an amenable agreement to ensure a Sept honored its ancestors.
  • Helped take down a Brujah Methuselah in a Pentex building near Traveler's Respite in Canada, by biting it and not letting go.
  • Rumor here.