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There's nothing in the sea this fish would fear. Other fish run from bigger things. That's their instinct.

But this fish doesn't run from anything. He doesn't fear.

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Information Known by Rokea and Rokea Kin

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Various Names

  • Razortooth - Given just before attaining rank of On the Surface.
  • Thrash - a nickname from his first Slew, of which only two remaining members are alive, presumably.
  • Jaws that Endure - Given after his first slew had slain a Corrupt Giant Squid called Hungry Tentacles of Death by the Rokea.
    • Surface (Cliath): Razortooth's first slew, a group of pups and Surface ranked Rokea fought and destroyed a minion of Qyrl which was a Giant Squid corrupted by a semi powerful bane. Not all of them survived.
  • Ship Breaker - Given after his rank challenge to become In the Shallows.
    • Shallows (Fostern): A British Royal Navey vessel near a Grotto on the North Side of Australia came to close. He and others were tasked to sink the wooden ship, they did with losses due to powder kegs being detonated in the water. Currently it has all but entirely rotted away.
  • Razortooth, Vengeance of the Sea - Given after his rank challenge to become In the Open Sea.
    • Open Sea (Adren): Razortooth participated in an Attack on a Japanese Fishing Vessel that was fining sharks, needless to say things were not what they seemed and they slayed several formori and black spiral dancers aboard the vessel before sinking it. The Banes that helped the enemy poisoned several of the Rokea, and sent them into Frenzy making them as dangerous to each other as to the enemy at hand. Six of the ten survived, but all of the banes, formor, and BSDs were destroyed as was the ship.
  • Razortooth, the Undying - Given after his rank challenge to In the Cold Sea.
    • Cold Sea (Athro): This involved Defending and Avenging a Grotto.
  • Blood Red Waters - Given by a human off the coast of South Africa while he was hunting seals. This happened to be a Kin-folk of some fera who was studying sharks, eventually this name made its way back to the Rokea and eventually to Razortooth himself while he was still a member of the Camp Fury of the Sea.
  • White Death - A name one of Razortooth's children refers to him as, perhaps thinking he's the reason that White Sharks are often called that in Australia or perhaps because of the fact White Sharks are called that at all.


White Shark

Any number of years between events usually entails exploration, hunting, and spawning as that is what Rokea do.

  • Birth 1017, Summer what would now be called August, during midday.
  • The Change 1030 - 1st change
  • Rank 1 challenge 1035 - Slaying a Corrupted Giant Squid with his Slew, then made of already Rank 1s and pups. Due to his actions of holding the enemy while swimming through it’s putrid bile of ink he was given the name Jaws that Endure. This pack also gave him the nickname Thrash for he had a habit of thrashing about when he had a grip on prey, and he did just that with the Squid they fought, but he acted in the defense of his slew by holding onto the prey they ripped to pieces.
  • 1470 Sea Exploration - Never one to stop swimming Jaws that Endure hunted the seas, for prey, wyrm tainted beasts, and humans who didn’t belong.
  • 1675 Rank 2 Challenge - Sinking of a British Navy vessel near what is now Australia. Earning the name Ship Breaker.
  • 1850 - Attacked several people off the Coast of California causing a few coastal towns to warn against swimming, none had been fatal but all were unprovoked. It was merely an attempt to discourage humans from the water.
  • 1920s - 1940s - Spawned with a Female Great White that birthed a Son who later changed to Rokea, Darkwater.
  • Rank 3: 1930 Hunting the Hunters - The Japanese Shark-fin Vessel - 皇帝の 法律(Kōtei no Hōritsu - Emperor’s Law): Ship Breaker, attacked the vessel with a dozen other Rokea, it wasn’t humans they found on board they had already been slain by wyrm tainted monsters, they slew the the monsters.
  • 1950s - a Nuclear test destroyed many of the old Rokea and those that live now are always wary of the surface dwellers and their weapons.
  • Rank 4: 1960s Attack on a Grotto - After aiding in the defense of a Grotto, while challenging for Athro to a Rokea called Deep Sea Travels, I was told to eliminate any of the enemies that still existed from the attack. Track them, as others would be, but kill any I found. I ended up fighting a monstrous beastial mass of tentacles, with several other Rokea, but died in its grip while it was slain by my allies.
  • 2011 - Met Priscilla after being told it was time to head to the surface. Through a Betweener I joined the Camp, leaving behind the Fury of the Sea camp allegiance I once held but I didn’t leave as an enemy. Merely following orders I needed those who knew the surface better to get used to them.
  • 2012 - I traveled around with Priscilla promoting shark safety and protecting her. We have done much together to try and get the oceans clean and to keep sharks safe. But when the legal ways do not work… The sea get’s it’s vengence.
  • 2014 - A Kin was bitten by Razortooth, though Razortooth isn’t sure if he did it on purpose or if the new curse is just something that happens when you bite kin.
  • 2015 - Not much special short of traveling with Priscilla and learning more about humans, while showing her more about the Rokea.
  • 2016 - Began learning how to play a Guitar, due to his like of Heavy Metal music. Which is something he’s been attracted to since he first heard it. (It attracts Sharks irl, sounding like struggling prey underwater.)
  • 7/1/2016 - Arrive in Puerto Rico
  • 8/1/2016 - Rokea at Puerto Rico's Seed Planting
  • 2017 - Oceanic Periphery Recovery
  • 1/14/2018 Slain in Houston Texas before an attack against the Caern belonging to the Sept Bayou's Rage.
  • 10/16/2018 Lays claim to Apex, Sept Leader, of the Newly formed Sept: Last Bastion of Light's Keep.
  • 2/13/2019 Has become the Voice of the Un-Sea, representative of the Kunspawn to the Surface.
  • 4/14/2019 Became Razortooth the Undying of the Deeps, marked by Tempest on his left shoulder with Lichenburg Scars, and earned a Battle Scar from a Thunderwyrm that Woundseeker, Stolen Legend, and he fought off the shore of Matagorda Isle while the Broken Land was healed.

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Hunting Grounds

  • Farallon Islands, San Francisco - Northern California - Hunting Ground
  • Long Beach, Los Angeles - Southern California - Nice Beach when it's clean
  • Seal Island, False Bay - South Africa - Hunting Ground
  • Florida Keys - Southern Florida - Nice Beaches
  • Miami - Southern Florida - Lot of Crazy lives here.
  • Havana - Cuba - The dirtwalkers here know how to cook and have a coffee that will make you stay awake for a week in long fins.
  • Corpus Christi - Southern Texas - Lots of Seaweeds along the beach, aesthetically the place is nice. People seem generally ok. Not to many people pollute the waters here, but one to many deep sea fish, boats go missing once in awhile here.
  • Brisbane, Queensland - Australia - Big City by the Beach, lots of things end up in the water, most of them plastic, sometimes it’s the people who get tossed in the water here.
  • Napier - New Zealand - Small, quiet, nothing too noteworthy. Good if you need a quiet place to think.
  • Wake Atoll, National Wildlife Refuge - Pacific Ocean - Rarely a human on the Atoll that I’ve spotted.
  • San Juan and Ponce - Puerto Rico - bustling metropolises of Puerto Rico, lots of Fera and Garou.
  • Paula Komodo, and Rinca - Indonesian Islands - If there are any Mokole left in the world, this is where I bet you’d find them. Dwelling among their kin, the last Dragons that walk this world.

Litany and Interpretations

  • Survive: The survival of the Rokea is first and foremost. We survive, no matter what. Swim away from that which would kill you. There is no shame in not throwing your life away. Protect the grottos.
    • Survival includes the species not just the individual. Thus all kinfolk, even those of Human stock must be protected if we are to survive the age.
  • Hunt: We are shark as much as we are Rokea. Apex predators, the sea depends on us to hunt. Remove sharks and the entire sea will fail. Hunt for food, hunt to end threats, hunt that which would hunt us and our kinfolk. We are first and foremost hunters and predators.
    • We must hunt on land, hunt down and destroy our enemies. Human, Fera, Garou, and Kin who aid corporations in polluting the waters should be hunted with the same ferocity as the minions of Qyrl that spurred their treasonous actions.
  • Spawn: Spawning is not an option. At least once in your lifetime, you must spawn. This ensures we survive. This law requires us to teach our young. Every Rokea must make the Long Swim on their own, the rest is up to us. Only Rokea understand Rokea.
    • Bitten were kin, if they spawned during their life as kin they have already kept the litany but now they can keep the other important pieces of our Litany better as Rokea. If they have not bred then it is their duty to find kin for others who can still breed and ensure that our species survives. In the homid terms, match maker.
  • Swim: If you do not swim, you die. Those species of shark that breed with Rokea are those which must move in order to breathe. Keep swimming and keep exploring no matter if on land or in the Undersea.
    • Even on Unsea we must move. To stagnate is to die. Explore, delve deep within Unsea. Learn from what others do and ensure the knowledge spreads back to the sea. It will strengthen us and prepare us for what comes.