Rebirth of Oak Vale

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Contains ic gory fighting.


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Rebirth of Oak Vale

Final preparations were made, the layout of the ritual items set up and checked. The location picked and scouted weeks in advance. Nothing that could be prepared for is left to chance. The Theurges gather and combine notes of who is to do what. All present knowing it is an important night and a potentially dangerous one from stories and rumours of the planting of others seeds, in other Septs.

Word was passed around and the local and visiting warriors, defenders and healers are in their places and teams allocated by the Wyrmfoe Flawless Yu “Kneecaps”. Waiting in the gathering darkness, some with slow meditative hearts, others beating fast and facing their first major Wyrm encounter. Some standing with experienced fighting packs and others arriving alone because they know it is needed. Many travelled over land and sea, through the air on aeroplanes or via the Umbra. All here now on this night for one joining purpose. Finally the planting of the Seed gifted from Silver Tara to Oak Vale for a new beginning. Almost two years the ground here has lain dormant since the destruction of its last historical Seed.

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On the CAERN
Rite leader: “Peace Maker”, Fostern, Theurge, Fianna
Tameka PreteSoothes the Storms”, Fostern, Theurge Black Fury
Mira Harkness Fostern, Theurge, Bastet.

Peace Maker, Tameka and Mira stand together with the summoning items spread around them. A hand touching each item in turn for familiarity. One for each elemental force. Water from the sept lake and stream. Plants from the vineyard. Items for burning by ignited flame created by flint from the island. A handmade fan of twigs gathered in the Sept for the wind. The objects honouring and representing the elementals to be entreated into assisting in the Rite.

Peace Maker' begins the ritual and those close in that moment can feel the building of Gnosis power wash over them in a wave of tingling warmth. The covering clouds are breeze blown apart to reveal the Gibbous Moon above smiling down on the work below. The feel of soft warmth on exposed skin as it begins, like being under a warm spring sun, of new beginnings, of the very birth of creation.

The wind picks up the scent of trees, flowers and fresh rain to fill the air. In the distance, all hear a HOWL of a War Party marred with the taint of wyrm speak. But its tone conveys its meaning. They’re coming and want blood. The night has lost its peace and the fight will begin for the Rite to have time to finish in areas all around the planting.

Mira looks high up to Selene; offers her a prayer and a prayer to his Lady for victory and the safety of the sept, this night. Rock and Earth Spirits are called for defence.

Peace Maker hands the precious Caern Seed to Tameka before kneeling down and scooping up nearly a foot deep hole in the ground. As she quickly digs the hole, she states. "We welcome the Earth." Then gesturing for Tameka to place the seed in the hole and nods to Mira.

Tameka places the Seed in the freshly dug hole with reverence and care. Then she moves to the corner of the Wind and takes up the waiting twig fan.

Mira puts a hand to the ground and awkwardly kneels, his head bowed in submission. He softly whispers something, the flints clasped tight in his good right hand. Mira has taken the corner of fire as his seat, and in his eyes, there is a sad but powerful glint of flame, burning for something lost but never given up upon. He continues to pray, looking at a sky he can barely see, soft words in Arabic broken by harsh, dry coughs. Despite his expensive armour, his immaculate face and hair, kneeling here in the dirt, he looks more like a blind, maimed Indian-Egyptian beggar-brat than ever; fingers wrapped around his bracelet after striking the flame. The flint buried in the flames burning hot.

The clouds above begin to swirl almost as if they are collecting the moonlight. The wind begins to move around in tight circles, like a gentle vortex of power surrounding the casters. Tiny specks of light begin appearing in the nearby forests drifting towards the rite. Being called forth and welcomed by the fan wielded by Tameka.

The wind steadily increases with gusto summoning more and more green life from the very air as it touches the vines held safely in Peace Maker’s cradling hands. Tiny golden motes of sparkling lights come up from the earth drifting towards the centre of the Rite, to the Seed itself. Being caught in the swirling winds of the fan directed to the planting. Millions and millions of tiny sparkling lights, erupt from the sparks of the flames.

The moonlight itself and the stars seem to swirl down from the night heavens in the wind that swirls around the casters. All at that moment feel the power of Gaia with them, humming in the ground beneath their feet. Hear Her voice on the wind swirling with Her power all around them.

The illusionary feel of electricity dancing across the skin as the earth opens in welcome like a flower to the Seed. The swirling light and power suddenly sucked into it. As it sinks slowly into the ground the earth closes on top of it. All three Theurge together pour the pure refreshing waters in a circle around the buried Seed, sealing it in safety and concluding the Rite. Peace Maker in closing speaks: "We welcome the re-awakening of this land dedicated to Gaia as we welcome the awakening of our spirits and our bodies to her."

There is a shockwave of pure force that moves out in all directions as the last drop of moisture sinks into the earth as the words are uttered. The Force passes harmlessly through the defending Gaian’s and the surrounding trees. But the creatures of the wyrm closing in are knocked back. A howl of retreat sounds and the forces of the wyrm flee knowing they have failed this night. Peace Maker looks over to Mira and Tameka, "now let’s get us some more eyes in the Umbra and a Caern Totem. Start 'er up."

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The enemy howls its war cry. A large vehicle roars up, a HUGE black beastie jumps out, shouts something in a weird guttural language of its kind, then dozens of black-veined wolves jump out of the back of the vehicle to join it.

An answering challenge howls back encouraging all defending warriors that hear and reply. Many shifting to their chosen fighting form, be that Crinos or Glabro or stay as they are to face the attack.

The battle starting with an opening attack on Elgan, the defending team leader being at the front of the lines and obviously the largest of us in the East quadrant. For his size, he is agile and avoids the attack. The opening point goes to us and we all work hard to keep it that way.

The big black beasty wolf chomps down on Thorin's leg, blood spurts out badly. Another black wolf leaping in to bite me and I’m sure it would have hurt if it wasn’t for odd shadows assisting. I think it surprised us both. Thank you whoever that was. I owe you a drink.

Now our side began to get a little payback for the trespass. Elgan slashes at the one on him. Thorin in crinos attacking the large beasty with his fetish two-handed axe “Limb Reaver” cutting a gash deep.Hercules Mulligan joining the fray on another cleaving its head from the body, making the first kill, hot vile blood spurting everywhere…

Mixed howls of victory and congratulations from Reidah and Hercules are drowned over with the sorrow of another louder long mournful howl of attack on the close enemy. Everyone within hearing range, even those not targeted get a strong sense of unease from the sound. Gnosis surging through body and flesh already starting to heal those that have the need. Others feeling the building of rage through their blood from the encouragement of their comrades.

At this point, someone else comes running into the fray… Zoya the Bastet from the cover of the trees. WaZ looks to his pack and nods, as he steps into the biggest beastie and drags his claws across its haunches, hamstring and causing brutal wounds.

Tillie watching ready to spring to heal others in need. Millie drawing a pistol and ready to attack or defend against anything that comes close. Liza “Guides in Storm” steps forward between the front fighters to deliver a blow and steps back to not impede their movements. She strikes true and slashes one across the face... ripping its eyes out, it falls to the floor dead... blood dripping from its now empty eye sockets…

Veiled Assets verbally chastises the Big Beastie while working closely with his pack and assisting them with his howl of team tactics. One of the smaller wolves turns to bite WaZ but he deftly dodges and slips aside from it seeing his mate about to be attacked. He jumps into the jaws of the second wolf saving Millie as a bolt of electric shoots through the attacker too. Everyone now is faced by at least one enemy. Tillie, avoiding the one trying to bite into her. Hercules and Reidah both nimble and avoid attacks to their bodies...

Seeing that the lesser wolves attacks hardly connect and the defenders superior in skill the big wolf lets out a terrifying howl, and ALL the lesser wolves shift into one big-black-veined twisted battle Crinos type form...

Thorin savagely hits the big one again with the shining edge of "Limb reaver" carving off a large chunk of bone. WaZ continues his assault on the large one his pack is assaulting sinking his claws in up to the elbows. Hercules claws the next closest target. Reidah swings her hammer at a wolfie smashing it with a mighty roar. Crushing one of the joined skulls, blood, bone and brains scattered across the grass… Another finds it’s death on the claws of VA, clearing Millie of her attacker as its spine snaps cleanly through...

The joined huge mass over 20 foot tall of black-veined crinos thing, tries to hit Elgan but misses. An attack is aimed at VA but is intercepted by Reidah blocking and taking the damage to herself. A heavy bite connecting with WaZ as he gets chewed on again. His rage and pain showing he is really starting to get pissed off with the enemy…

Elgan changes tactics from sword to gun and picks off a damaged critter. His shot hits the target in the shoulder and causes their head to explode with internal damage. Thorin attacks again with an overhead swing of his axe “Limb Reaver” but the big creature gets out of the way. WaZ seems to get a bit more visceral and howls a very angry howl of war as he claws down the front of the biggest wolf and drags out a rib with his swipe. It seems to be somewhat hobbled again. With a large clawed hand, Hercules rips the spine out of one of the wolves and howls his victory.

Another overlaying sorrowful banshee howl knocks attackers away from the kin. Zoya leaps forwards from a bush, swelling into crinos swatting at her chosen target. The big white tiger crinos ripping it clean in two. Reidah and Cypher continue to do what they know best. Howls, growls and snarls echo in the night encouraging the fight with greater rage. Tillie healing Reidah and WaZ, getting a thank you and gratitude from both for the assist. Millie taking aim for a good shot.

Liza “Guides in Storm” takes another dive in under Thorin's axe, in the opposite direction than its moving, to make a swipe with claws before diving back again. VA pantomimes a tearing motion, and the shadow of the huge combined creature rips free from it, floating close by, nearly tangible, available to be attacked.

Then as all fights go, fur and hair infused with rage and power, each side trading blow for blow, or dodge and parry. Wounds being healed by others or by self. The last enemy fell and in the distance was their howl to retreat if they could. Time to take stock of the carnage that lay all around as we felt in our blood the planting of the Seed take hold. We had won this night.

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The team heard the roar of a helicopter as it landed nearby and drops off the enemy troops. And the sound of a military vehicle or armour car of some kind stops as men get out. There are men with flak jackets, the front of them covered in silver. Guns, grenade launchers, and net launchers trained on the area their eyes black. Black veins on their skins. In front of them are hounds & coyotes. Dogs that have been morphed and changed into something else. Sickly green drool drips from their snarling maws. Sizzling as it hits the ground in front of them as they advance. The dogs' fur looks like it is made out of leather or thick scaley hide. The ground singes and smokes acidic where they step and the wyrm taint coming off them was palpable.

There were squirrels, sparrows, seagulls all with sickly green goop dripping from their maw or beak and black eyes. 'Soldiers' well armed and armoured coming from the North and West paths. North assault had Fomori dogs and Fomori sparrows. West assault with Fomori ‘Humans’, Fomori dogs and Fomori ravens. One wave being mistimed and behind the other by a few paces as some fell into the Sept’s defences and were delayed among the trees.

The howl of the enemies War Cry with tainted meaning echoed over the trees. It was answered in the distance giving encouragement to the defenders and showing others heard it too.

Flawless Yu opens the fight with the order "Close ones first, Fomori are the priority." And it started with no pomp and fanfare beyond that. Katayo draws and shoots an arrow hitting the closet target. It snarls in fury as the arrow hits its eye, blood gushing out of it. AoM throws a dagger at one of the Fomori also finding his mark sinking into the armour of the soldier as it snarls back in pain. Todd starting with a howl of encouragement then calling to his spirit companions with the night's orders. PM calling to his spirit companions to “Light em Up” he points at the Northside enemy. Taking stock of the targets arrayed in front of him choosing where to begin, PM's gnostically enabled pistol hums into action. A barrage of bullets first taking off the head of one of the wolves, doing serious damage to one of the Fomori, and a series of hits absolutely annihilating the sparrow. The wolf, despite its headless condition, staggering to its feet ready to continue the fight was rather a surprise.

Stags growing up to his Tribe’s giant proportions and his massive jaws hurling a tree at the arrow faced Fomori! As the song goes, he plucked up the tree and swatted those Charlies with it from here to kingdom come. The tree hits and slides between the wolves forcing them backwards and into the Fomori. They snarl but one of them moves no more. The Fomori looks irritated. Erecul holding the line glances up to the Gibbous Moon with a sigh of frustration at the distance to the enemy. Phineas the old experienced Philodox steps back and howls at the oncoming enemies. "Finish off the injured. Hold the line!". TBC holding back for the moment. Ghost is fast and unseen as he moves silently closer to the enemy. Wanders staying close to the formation of defenders, waiting for his chance.

TBC sees a sparrow going for Todd, laughs, and gets in the way to run interference squawking something about ‘there can be only one’. TBC flies in the way in time and the Sparrow dives at him instead, its beak opens acid dripping from it. TBC ‘leaps’ to the side of the ariel bird fight thus avoiding damage. Two war wolves climb up over the downed tree rage in their eyes they run towards Stags but too far to attack as yet. Stags grinning as he waits for his dance partners.

The Fomori move to stand on the tree and level their weapons. One at Flawless and one at Stags. Flawless and Stags dodge the silver bullets that go zinging by. Two Jaggling spirits of Lightning targets a dog each with electroshock. ZAAAAAAP! the wolf that was hurt takes the lighting and explodes. The second wolf and Stags taking the shock of the explosion. The acidic blood lands on Stags from the exploding corpse and he feels the painful sting and wyrm taint sink into him. Todd smiles and breathes in the odour of charred fur the Spirits cause the enemy. TBC laughs savagely again as he claws at the sparrow he stopped in mid-flight tearing its head clean off.

Stags savagely leaps to the war wolves heading for him. TBC flying now to the tainted wolf already wearing the blood of the sparrow. He’s still laughing in the savage joy of the battle as he digs his claws into the side of the beast and rips it apart. Ghost appearing out of Blur attacks the human bearing the rocket launcher. He uses his jaws to rend his opponent and bites deep into the human's leg and thigh. Tearing into silver, armour flesh and bone in one great chomp.

Stags again turning to attack the war wolf near him with another bite, grabs the wolf by the head until its whole head popped off its body. The wolf dies and the body convulses ready to explode. Acidic goo sprays in all directions hitting TBC after closer examination, however, he simply shakes of the chunks of the wolf, and Stags remembering to dodge this time. Ghost presses his attack on the human bearing the rocket launcher. Using his jaws to bite again, hoping to bring him down but it determinedly stayed fighting on.

Flawless shoots a Fomori with his bow, the damage rips off its arm. The gun flies from its grip to land at his feet actually knocked from the enemy hand, no more gun… or arm for that one. Disarmed twice with one shot so to speak. Katayo fires off another arrow with intent to kill her Fomori target before dropping her bow and doing spidery things with venom. The human Fomori that Ghost is biting into is brought low and dies. Stags shifts into homid and takes aim with the gun ready to fire at the war wolves. DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA! is heard from Stags as he imitates it like a child playing at cops and robbers. Then finding the trigger he hits three remaining targets with his wild spray.

AoM throws another dagger to hit one right between the eyes. The Fomori takes the knife to the head but keeps coming. PM shoots at the oncoming Fomori which rocks back and snarls its hate, blood pouring out of the holes made by the shots. The one with the knife in his head looks with black hollow eyes staggering and shambling ever forwards. Spirits of lightning singe the air denying an escaping path away.

TBC seeing how far away the second party was, growls, “Bastards are too damn slow…” and takes flight with the pursuit. Like a blood-covered, black-feathered bullet of claws, beak, and death he attacks. Ghost follows to close the distance slightly on their flank and growling at them. Wanders calls a Song of heroes to everyone's attention. Erecul standing steadfast ready to engage targets of opportunity in range. Katayo rears up and reaches forward for a powerful slashing attack with her toxin coated claws. Slicing the heads off of two enemies at once with a whirlwind of great sweeping attacks.

A sorrowful banshee howl rings through the night from Todd. Wanders blocking the attacks or taking cover from exploding Fomori. Flawless fires 2 arrows at one of the last approaching war wolves pinning it to the ground with the first shot and killing it with the second. The resulting chaos gave openings to the other ranged fighters. Ghost gets bitten by something as he got in close to tear into the flesh of the tainted creatures.

AoM advances shooting more Fomori. As he gets closer they attack him with their Fomori powers connecting solidly before succumbing to their own wounds. TBC’s moment of zooming recklessly forward came to a sticky end when he seemed intent to get himself surrounded by the second group. The explosion of a dog did sting him this time, but he laughed it off and went on a slashing rampage in the centre of these foes. Heedless to the danger this would pose for other allies around him.

PM recognizing the battle was handily won and wishing to leave the glory to the younger Garou, he takes out a cell phone and takes a selfie with the battle in the background for one of his younger packmates. Deleting it later one can only hope. Phineas continues to bark out orders until the enemies are all dead. Afterwards, the old man walks among the fallen, checking over the battlefield. Stags is basically Rambo and a little kid in the candy shop discovering guns for the first time.

Again as fights are want to do, blows of all kinds were exchanged. Some close quarters, some from the air, some with gun, bow, sword, tooth or claw. All fighting how they could to dispatch the enemy. Healing up from any damage taken with a little rest, the help of a spirit or a talen. Flawless moving the team on to other areas of leftover fighting as Ghost moves to scout the outer areas, ensuring no more enemy is lying in wait or tainting the land out of sight. Another win for our side.

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Calling to Eagle

Peace Maker giving the duty over as greed to Mira. "You're up. Arbiter of Malice will be joining us shortly."

Mira still on his knees, he awkwardly manoeuvres his lame arm to hold the bracelet on his good wrist, and he tilts his head back to the sky, almost pure black to him, and says: EAGLE, I call on you, in my humility, humbled. I call on you to bless and bond with this sept, to join and protect those here who would fight for Gaia & Selene. EAGLE, I entreat you, as one who had never betrayed his true love, though lost a dozen years and more, as one who will stake my enemies heads for you; bless us. bond with us, and this blessed place. unite us, please.

Mira’s head bowed, in utter humility. Peace Maker and Tameka assist in their places both giving of their own gnosis to join with the summoning, while Mira calls for EAGLE to hear. "EAGLE, I beg of you, proud bird of prey and loyalty; bless this Sept, and come to us, tonight. I will serve you as you wish, for nothing comes for free. EAGLE, I give to you my fealty and my service, and the chosen loyalty of this Sept - they wish to serve you, and to bond with you, and I beg of you, please, tonight, come to us".

AoM walks up followed by Tillie. both moving quietly and being respectful so not to interrupt the Theurges. Tillie holding an amber coloured bottle in her hands.

Mira looks to the sky, a cat who can never run, a bird who can never fly. He continues softly, "O EAGLE, bond with this sept, with this blessed place, that those who would serve you may. In chiminage, I will repay you. I swear. I swear on the life of the one I am loyal to, always".

All wait but a few heartbeats that stretch beyond the present, feeling the presence of EAGLE answer to the call. Eagle glides down from the sky. Luminous and beautiful. He perches on a tree near the planted seed. "Gaians you call unto me. And so I come. What would you ask of me?"

Peace Maker looks up at the tree lifting the corners of her mouth in a silent smile. Tameka smiles as she looks up at the majestic bird. AoM resolutely stands where he is as Eagle appears. Tillie blinks slowly, her eyes filling with tears of awe.

Mira bows his head a little more. “O EAGLE, you who swears loyalty to one's mate, who would see the heads of enemies staked, I hardly dare to look upon you, even with blind eyes. I ask of you, O EAGLE, your commitment to this Sept, to this new-born Caern and those who protect it for Gaia and in return, I give you my promise, my loyalty, to serve you as you wish. I am just one cat - there are others here who would serve you too, and let their voices be heard now if they would - but my service, I give to you. For your protection of and bonding with this sept, and our protection of and bonding with of you".

Eagle spreads out his wings. "Watched you I have. And you have fought bravely. You made the wyrm flee from you. You have accomplished the charge of our Great Mother. And protecting her Seed as it was planted. This you have earned! This you have won! I Accept this charge to protect this Sept and its Seed. And to guide you in the ways of Gaia when you seek the wisdom of the spirits. As we fight the forces of the wyrm. And protect the sanctity of life".

Mira looks to the shadow of the great wings, for it's all he can see, and he says, 'I thank you. _we_ thank you, O EAGLE. with my heart and my life, I thank you.' A quiet promise whispered while tears run freely down his sharp cheekbones.

Tameka nods. "I too thank you, Mighty Eagle."

"Call unto the rest of those that would defend the Sept, That by my power we may be bound with the rite of acceptance." Replied Eagle.

Peace Maker nods with a bigger smile, "As a group, as a Sept, we are pleased and thankful. May I introduce our Sept Alpha, Arbiter of Malice."

Tillie sits quietly still, watching and remembering this sacred scene. AoM approaches.

Eagle watches AoM

AoM speaks “Noble Eagle, We are honoured by your patronage”.

Peace Maker steps forwards to Mira, and pulls a handkerchief from one of her vest pockets and crouches down and silently places the handkerchief in Mira's hand. With a soft “Good Job”, at the successful outcome of the Rite.

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The South area lay quiet. None of the defenders came back to join the talk of the night. To tell of their fight as others started to celebrate or leave for homeward. It was too quiet so we went to check after more news was brought back by Ghost in the Woods. No night birds sing, no crickets chirp. Every living thing was holding its breath so not to be noticed. Even the wind seemed to pause in reverent silence.

Then it changed. First was the smell of smoke, then the burning singed fur and blood filled the air as we stepped onto that side of the tree line. A mass of animal body parts strewn about the land scattered to the four winds. Individual human and wolf parts here or there or groups that all fell together. It was carnage as the wreckage was looked over more closely hoping to find people alive. Not wanting to believe all our South defence had failed and all the Sept’s kin slaughtered or captured.

Bending to check all the downed defenders, it was clear then we had escaped the feared tragedy. Every single defending Kin was there not dead but still unconscious. Healers gave aid and strong arms began to move people to the Clinic, the Waystation, to anywhere that had a bed and could be watched and healed. It could have been worse, but it was bad enough.

The trail of blood lead away, the tracks not hard to follow. Ahroun, Athro Grey Fur’s scent leads off further south and we find him collapsed on the far side forest. LostMoon, the Sept’s Ragabash then-Cub, unconscious and badly burned was pinned under a massive still smouldering fallen tree. And more body parts… strewn about the field. Homid body parts leading to the head of Snow-Tree one of the Sept Ahroun. All three named being some of the South defenders. They lay between the unconscious kin and the attacking force, protecting the line, having killed or forced the retreat of the enemy.

Bodies of the dead tainted Fomori flesh were everywhere. Blood and tainted ichor coated the trees and the ground. Sizzling acidic patches lay all around the area. And burned fur and feathers are everywhere. Not just the tainted dogs and men but corrupted squirrels, rabbits, sparrows, crows, seagulls, all with the sickly green flesh and blood. Their eyes still black even in death. It was not the time to ask how it happened. It was the time to cleanse the area and heal the living. This we did.

Later it was told what happened. First were the tainted animals, squirrel, rabbit, bird all smelling ‘wrong’. All with black orbs for eyes, fighting beyond their simple death. Following that were men in strange suits, protective clothing and large guns carrying shiny metal canisters. Throwing the canister and shooting it open they released foul-smelling clouds of gas in the midst of the defenders, many being our kin that wished to help fight and defend that night. The gas affected the kin the worst. Some falling instantly unconscious, to deep sleep like that of a coma, while others turning to attack their own side. Eyes black as the orbs of the tainted animals that fought on after the first death.

Making a moving fight to draw out our Kin from the clouds of tainting gas, Grey Fur, Snow-Tree and LostMoon fought carefully so not to kill our own kin, taking more wounds onto themselves that they could have stopped if they released their own fury. Still, other Famori breathed down fire and sprayed out their acid blood. Grey Fur and Snow-Tree keeping back attackers while LostMoon tried to stop our own kin killing their own family and friends. Knocking out the gassed kin was the only option with the resources to hand.

That is how we found them, kin unconscious, LostMoon falling to her own injuries and being trapped under a burning tree. Grey Fur down and Snow-Tree dead. This South area was defended with the loss of an Ahroun Adren of the Wendigo. But we have to be thankful there were not many more lost in the South. His loss saved all the Sept kin and he will be remembered with Honour. The Sept Kin are now all recovered and healthy and cleansed of taint.

I am,
Naomi O’Mannion, “Ancestral Wisdom”
Athro Talesinger of Oak Vale,
Born of Fianna and Bitten into the Nation.


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