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Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Whelp/Cub Name: "Rusting Grass" (Uzbek: Zanglayotgan Maysa / Занглаётган Майса)

Deed Name: Sokhrab / Сухраб (= "Red Water")
The Kazakh/Kyrgyz version of the Persian Sohrab ("illustrious, shining" or "red water").
In the 11th-century Persian epic the Shahnameh, this is the name of the son of the hero Rostam.

Remembrance Name (Silent Striders Only): Montu
Montu is an ancient Egyptian falcon-god of war, whose name means "nomad."

Rank: Athro


Notable Traits: Legendary Lineage - descendant of the Kyrgyz (Turkic) hero Manas

Pack: Beneath Strange Skies

Society: n/a

Sept: Sept of Witnessing Mountains


Given Red Water's origin in Central Asia, most biographical information here is pending approval from DPotM and VIP request review.


Northern Dagestan, Russia: In February, he was one of a litter of 3 Steppe Wolves whelped in the wide delta of the Terek River near the Caspian Sea coast. His parents were known to Andrey "Cold War" (Silver Fang Garou), who was something like a Garou godparent to their litters by arrangement.


Dagestan, Russia: The yearling wolf underwent his First Change. For the rest of the spring, he lived as a Garou Cub in Kizlyar, Dagestan, learning the ways of the Silent Striders and the Garou Nation.

Uzbekistan: He was identified as the descendant of the Kyrgyz (Turkic) hero Manas of the Silent Striders (Legendary Lineage Merit), and so sent East beyond Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan, learning much about the heritage of the Silk Road, the Turkic peoples, and urban human life on the way.


Talas, Kyrgyzstan (starting 2011): He spent the winter in the town of Talas, where he spent weeks hearing recitations of the Epic of Manas from the most renowned Manaschis and continued to learn about his Tribe and the Garou Nation in preparation for his Rite of Passage.

Makhachkala, Dagestan (Russia): He sought allies to investigate and combat a Pentex subsidiary responsible for heavy pollution in Caspian Sea. He made the journey to the Sea of Azov, where he contrived to make contact with one of the mysterious Rokea. They crossed overland and stayed in Makhachkala for a time to defeat the Pentex subsidiary and stop its harm to the sea's ecology, forming a pack dedicatd to Sturgeon for this period.

Aral Sea, Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan: He took a Rokea to the lands east of the northern Caspian Sea to witness the disappearance of the Aral Sea, which has become the Aralkum Desert. After this, they part ways.

Ural Mountains, Russia (Sept of the Crescent Moon): He journeyed to the Sept of the Crescent Moon for the Winter Solstice moot (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending). The Great Caern was his first visit to a caern of any kind. His Rite of Passage was conducted; he earned his deed name, and he was acknowledged formally as the descendant of Manas (Legendary Lineage Merit). Sukhrab spent the winter at the Sept of the Crescent Moon studying the histories of the Garou Nation in Asia with other Galliards (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending).


Siberia, Russia: Red Water undertook his Uzoq Yil Ko’k Osman Ostida ("long year under the blue sky"). He played the part of the first "postal carrier" for the Garou Nation to canvas Siberia since the Battle at the Sept of the Crescent Moon against Shazear and the Dark Brigade, carrying the tales of the Nation to the isolated Kinfolk he found, Lupus and Homid.

Starting out from the Sept of the Crescent Moon in the Ural Mountains (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending) with the thaw, he traveled northeast, then eastward and northward. He ranged widely across northern Siberia for the summer months. Then he ranged northward until he reached the coast of the western Laptev Sea at summer's end. From there he traveled south, widely ranging the lands west of the Lena River until its source at Lake Baikal, where he wintered in Tunka National Park.


Siberia, Russia: Continuing his "Long Year Under the Blue Sky," Red Water resumed travel with the earliest spring thaw. First he traveled westward from Irkutsk to the Altai Mountains, which he reached in early summer.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: While in the Altai Mountains, Red Water explored the vast Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Mongolia. He went to see what tales the painted stones and stone men could tell. While there, he discovered a Periphery of great beauty in the Park’s places of the Wyld.

Siberia, Russia: After a couple summer months in the Altai Mountains, Red Water found the headwaters of the Ob River and follows its course, widely exploring the lands east of the Ob River as it brought him back toward the northern Ural Mountains.

Ural Mountains, Russia (Sept of the Crescent Moon): As the first snows of winter fell, Red Water returned to the Sept of the Crescent Moon (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending). He spent a full waning cycle of the gibbous moon recounting his journey. Once told, this tale constituted completion of his Fostern rank challenge. Again, he wintered at the Sept of the Crescent Moon (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending).


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Siberia, Russia: Red Water and Ghost formed a pack with Onager as their patron and set out from the Sept of the Crescent Moon (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending) across Siberia to the Altai Mountains.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: Red Water guided Ghost into western Mongolia to show him the Periphery he found there the year before. Together, they gathered other Garou, including many Silent Striders, and journeyed across Mongolia toward Beijing.

Beijing, China: Red Water and Ghost led a group of Garou to the Sept of Glass and Steel, seeking a caern seed for a shard caern (Approved at Top, DPOTM pending). While there, they recruited several Stargazers to the cause to found a new sept in western Mongolia, and the pack following Onager left for western Mongolia with a seed in the company of other packs.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: Red Water and Ghost were among the Garou who planted a caern seed for a new shard caern in the National Park. Red Water became Adren and helped organize the new Sept of Witnessing Mountains (Totem: Golden Eagle) there. Red Water did not challenge for Sept Leader, instead becoming Talesinger of the Sept of Witnessing Mountains instead (12 VIP, pending). The new sept became an important waystation for Silent Striders and also home to numerous Stargazers and some Fera, given the Tribal Council’s recent allowance for them.


Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: Red Water cultivated connections among Silent Striders in Central Asia and Siberian Red Talons to bolster the influence of the new sept and increase its numbers. The location of the Sept of Witnessing Mountains made it an important stopover point and communications hub between the Sept of Glass and Steel (Beijing) and the Sept of the Crescent Moon (Ural Mountains). Red Water's heritage and reputation in Central Asia added to the sept's prestige despite it being such a small shard caern. At the end of the year, as early winter settled on the Altai Mountains, Red Water, now a more established Adren, challenged the Sept Leader Shān Kāihuā (山開花 = “Mountain Blossom”), an Adren Stargazer Homid Theurge, for Sept Leader, and he won honorably (15 VIP, pending).


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Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: Red Water's reputation drew in more Garou, including some of Athro rank. In the late autumn, Red Water challenged Skazochnik Shelkovoy Dorogi (Сказочник Шелковой Дороги = "Storyteller of the Silk Road"), Athro Shadow Lord Homid Galliard, for the rank of Athro. The nature of the challenge, which "Storyteller of the Silk Road" claimed to have designed to suit a Silent Strider, required Red Water to leave the sept for an extended period, and so before departing, Red Water abdicated his position only a year after winning it. Before he departed for his challenge, the former Sept Leader "Mountain Blossom" was defeated in the challenge for Sept Leader by Tog’larning Ho’jayini (= "Master of the Mountains"), Athro Shadow Lord Lupus Philodox, who had only recently joined the sept.

Chernobyl, Ukraine: Pursuing his Athro rank challenge, Red Water emerged from the Umbra in the wilderness near Chernobyl, Ukraine, a famous former Broken Land (BNS p. 606). He was quietly active there for several weeks in the spring, both in the Material Realm and the Penumbra, but mainly in Lupus form, so he passed for a roving wolf when spotted by ecologists working in the area.

Turkistan, Kazakhstan: Still pursuing his Athro rank challenge, Red Water came to Turkistan to consult Silent Strider scholars there specifically with regard to the Shadowlands. After several weeks, he convinced a Silent Strider scholar (BACKGROUND TIE AVAILABLE) to accompany him northwestward to northern Ukraine for one purpose: to escort Red Water into the Shadowlands and leave him there, so he could make another excursion into Chernobyl, but in the Shadowlands.

Chernobyl, Ukraine: Red Water timed his approach to Chernobyl in the Shadowlands for late June, when he discovered that the native Weaver Spirits were defending from cyberattacks using the Peyta malware all over Ukraine. After several days, in early July he emerged from the Shadowlands near the center of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with the fetish da’sai called "Fang of Babi," a legendary Silent Strider tribal weapon. Red Water wasted no time: he left Chernobyl and took Fang of Babi with him back to the Altai Mountains and the Aetherial Realm.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: In the late autumn, Red Water returned to the Sept of Witnessing Mountains from the Aetherial Realm, bearing tokens from Meros (Pluto; approved at Top) and the Ritemaster of the Sept of the Stars as proof that he completed his rank challenge. He became Athro soon after.


Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia: Red Water spent the late winter recovering from his Athro challenge, forming his new pack Beneath Strange Skies, and preparing to travel eastward across the Russian Far East and the Bering Strait into North America.


North America, Midwest: He and his pack have recently relocated to help the Garou Nation on a new front. For the time being, they work outward from Indiana, frequenting the Sept of the Willow in Indianapolis.


The Lineage of Manas


Red Water is descended from the lineage of the legendary Manas, part of the Silent Strider diaspora and the eponymous hero of the Epic of Manas, an epic of approximately 500,000 lines (Legendary Lineage). The epic plays a key role in modern Kyrgyz cultural identity.

The epic tells the story of Manas, his descendants and his followers, and battles against Khitan and Oirat enemies form a central theme in the epic. It is divided into three books, each consisting of a loose collection of episodic heroic events. The first is entitled "Manas," the second episode describes the deeds of his son Semetei, and the third of his grandson Seitek.

Manas's father Zhakyp dedicated a colt called Toruchaar, born the same day as Manas, to his son's service. Manas was unique among his peers for strength, mischief, and generosity. The Oirat learn of this young warrior and warn their leader. A plan was hatched to capture the young Manas. They failed, and Manas was able to rally his people and was eventually elected and proclaimed as khan. Manas expanded, conquering the Uyghurs, from whom he received his first wife. With Manas's help, the Kyrgyz people returned from the Altai mountains to their "ancestral lands" in the mountains of modern-day Kyrgyzstan. With his 40 companions, Manas successfully led campaigns against their neighbors, and the defeated Afghans allied with Manas. Through marriage to the daughter of Bukhara, Manas became related to the people of Transoxiana as well.

The Sept of Witnessing Mountains

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The Sept of Witnessing Mountains guards a shard caern whose seed was planted in 2015. It is located in extreme western Mongolia in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, where the Altai Mountains form a border between Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The park is inhabited by various ethnic groups, and it is known for its ancient petroglyphs and numerous Stone Men, which attest to the ancient history of the region. The caern totem is Golden Eagle. (all pending DPotM)

Paths Crossed

Tales & Songs


  • Red Water was one of the first Garou outside the Red Talons to collaborate with a Rokea.
  • He tried to kill a Rokea in the desert.
  • He has spent too much time alone in his life as a Garou.
  • A Shadowlord swindled him out of his leadership of the Sept of Witnessing Mountains, just like they did at the Wheel of Ptah.
  • Red Water leans heavily toward the Concordat of Stars, and he's too close to some Shadowlords to be trusted.
  • Red Water is responsible for the loss of a da’sai called "Fang of Babi," a legendary tribal weapon of the Silent Striders.
  • Rumor here.


Words of Red Water

  • "Odam, claim not difficulty in speaking my name. All words greatly twist the tongues of wolves, but we Lupus learn their making! I allow no Homid to say to me, 'But Sokhrab, I find your name too difficult to speak aloud!' Fall not upon the sword of your own ingenuity: words!" --told to a Homid who balked at pronouncing his Uzbek Cub name

Words about Red Water

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