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"How can I help?"

I can help!

Drive safe!

  • Name: Ree Wattson
  • Apparent Age: Roughly 20
  • Height: Almost 5'3"!
  • Build: Pleasantly plump or chunky. Soft and nonthreateningly squishy.
  • Type: Fae-touched Domestic Synthetic
  • Motley: Inquiry, Index, and Infrastructure
  • Position: Adamant note-taker and deliverer of water.
  • Location: The Verge: Somni, Trajan
  • Union: Conservator's Union
  • Status: Domestic Workers •••••

Description. |

Ree is, in a word, non-threatening. She has a short stature curved out generously in a soft, pudgy figure that seems more at home in the kitchen baking goods than out doing anything scary. The synthetic doesn't quite break 5'3", though she tends to wear outlandishly tall boots to compensate for this fact. Her hair is a bright, pleasant combination of blue and pink, and her bursts of colorful makeup tend to mirror this.

Her legs seem to be purely cybernetic, and exhibit no actual skin. Similar features of her synthetic origin include a small LED on her left temple that indicates her mental/emotional state, and a barcode with the signature "RPR-2EE05014100DC" just under her left eye. She wears glasses, though they seem to be more to promote a non-threatening appearance than an actual prescription, and small driving gloves. Close scrutiny can make out indications that her arms are cybernetic in nature as well, and have been recently covered with skin.

Ree dresses professionally when out in public, generally wearing a button up vest, blouse with a bow, colorful boots and a shimmering silver skirt. She appears to have no black in her wardrobe. On her arm, one can usually find a silver picnic basket, generally stuffed to the brim with baked goods and other pleasantries.

Her voice is light and pleasant, increasing to a quicker cadence in times of stress, and generally demonstrating a very child-friendly vocabulary.

Brief History. |

Common Knowledge
To Somni: Ree is a public face for Verdant Horizons, as well as a fast friend to a number of domestic workers around Somni. More recently, she's been seen promoting the Somni Supernatural Defense Force, and adamantly promoting its values and goals.

To Synthetics: Ree is from a line of discontinued synthetics, about which not much is known. The designation on her cheeks seems to indicate she originated from ParaCon. She's been in constant communication with other local domestic synthetics, and is rumored to be in contact with the rogue Synthetic freedom fighter Sands.

To the Supernatural: Ree stumbled out of the hedge with Jerrik, a Collapsar courtier, in spring of 4119. Her memories are very spotty, but she put herself quickly to work analyzing Somni's struggles. Within a few months, she developed something called the Somni Collaboration Project, a groundbreaking database that coordinates all reported information to offer a cohesive analysis of the most prominent supernatural threats to Somni. In September 4119, this expanded into the Supernatural Threat Reports, made discretely available to the supernaturals of Somni for use in understanding a summary of the database:

References. |

Service with a smile! Rumors

  • Ree is secretly an assassin megabot sent by Cheiron Corp to lure synths into their clutches.
  • Ree has no idea how to act remotely human.
  • Ree has a small pet named Cupcake.
  • Ree has made a fae pact to serve as a loyalist in exchange for magic muffins.
  • Ree’s skin arms cost more than the entire city of Somni’s annual budget.
  • Ree is dating the Mayor of Somni.
  • Ree is actually Sands, the radical Synth activist.
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  • "Would you like a muffin?" - Ree
  • "Ree is quite delightful and we have much in common. She is the good I search for in an otherwise dreary world. She also makes THE BEST MUFFINS." - Gretchen
  • ”Ree is the glue that binds everyone together. That and her spreadsheets. Especially her spreadsheets.” - Dante
  • "Ree is kind, caring and dependable. Her information collection is invaluable. And above all, when she is needed she is there without judgement, with a basket of muffins and a genuine desire to help others. I adore her." Jane Petra
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OOC Information. |

Ree Wattson

Type: Fae-Touched Synthetic
Union: Conservator Union
Location: Aurelian System (San Diego)
Player: Chrys Seward
Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley


  • Janet from The Good Place
  • Kara from Detroit: Become Human
  • The Machine from The Machine
  • Poppy
  • Euphy from Code Geass
  • That awesome bartender guy from The Greatest Showman

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