Reed Kross

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Reed Kross

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2

Union: Explorer


  • Reed appears to be a rather young looking man, always described as holding some form of abstractly youthful beauty, and carries himself in a way a much more experienced individual would, his eyes showing a depth of knowledge and experience. He has a very slight build, though it has never seemed to belabor him, nor has it kept him from his work. Almost always seen with medium length blonde hair, of mildly varying length and style, as well as blue eyes. Tends to dress in a low key style, nothing flashy or high tech.


  • Reed's origin hails from somewhere in the core worlds, however he has not been there in quite a few years.
  • Since he makes a living as an explorer living in the verge seems to be the place to be.
  • He's recorded as having made it to the Trajan city of Somni sometime around 40 years ago, among the earliest of explorers in the beginnings of the city.
  • Works a lot with a local entertainer, Mr. Bigs; and is a frequent denizen of The Stellar Draft.



  • Supposedly was active during the Silent War.
  • May be a supernatural; there's no way he looks that young.
  • Though if he is a supernatural, he appears to be alive.
  • Is secretly a deposed elite from the core with some advanced nanotech.
  • Can't take a vacation without something terrible going down.
  • Keeps leaving stray animals near the Stellar Draft so Gretchen Salt will make them denizens.
  • Favorite color is vermilion.


  • "Kind of quiet. Seems like a decent person, always pays his tab on time... fun to look at, to boot. Not much else to say, really." - "Jaq Graves"
  • "Enter text here." - "Name"


OOC Information

Player: Eugeni Levin US2015060043

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Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley

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Coordinator: Wendi Kravitz

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Location: CA-057-D