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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Reg Fallin

Notable Traits: Fairly plain every-man, always wears a hat, blends in with a crowd. His nails are black and dead; when Shifted, they're torn and ruined.

Pack: TBD

Society: TBD

Sept: TBD


Reg is a stalwart and patient man, always trying to trying to take measure and right the wrongs of those he works with. His time on the streets of Seattle taught him a lot about what it meant to survive, and what it really means to want; ending up Bitten didn’t change much about his outlook on life. His desire for justice and understanding of his fellows often makes him lose sight of the bigger picture, as he often focuses too much on what’s happening right now.

1978 - Reggie Fallin was born to a poor, overworked family. His mother dies during childbirth, and he and his father move to the Seattle area to work odd jobs. 2001 - Due to issues with available work and debt, Reggie becomes homeless. January 2014 - Reggie was Bitten during an attack in Seattle. Two months later, he runs into a Bone Gnawer Philodox. He's adopted into the tribe just before the summer and taken out of Seattle. 2015 - A year passes before the alaskan Sept leaders will allow him to attempt a Rite of Passage. 2016 -Reggie is attacked at a moot where he helped prepare the ritual. The Garou rip out his claws and teeth, cursing at him the whole while. Reggie heals, but never fully recovers. He leaves the Sept not long after, heading back to Seattle. Reggie is hunted down and attacked while in Seattle by one of the Garou who attacked him before, now wyrm tainted. Reggie has to kill him to survive. He returns to his old Sept, which is upset to learn the problem but is now more accepting of Reggie. Autumn - Reggie, now going by Reg, gets enough respect to test for Fostern. The test is given by a Glasswalker Galliard, and Reggie makes short work of the quest. 2017 - Upon hearing the news of the possibility of a new Shard Seed coming to the area, announces his intention to leave his old Sept and make his way back to Seattle.


  • Despite not being a Garou at the time, Reg was still involved in the strange ritual that grips Seattle and destroyed the vampires.
  • Reg never shapeshifts, and in fact is a Garou in name only. It's why he lives with humans.

OOC Information

Player: Brian Baker

Player Email: Player Email

Storyteller: Peg Brewer

Storyteller Email: Seattle VST

Location: Seattle, WA