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Commonly Known Information

Name: Regan

Notable Traits: Quiet, Friendly, Creative

Type: Mage

Path: Moros

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Country: New Zealand

Biography & Timeline

Regan is a young man trying to make his way in the world with his brother in the wake of the 10 second war. He's a engineering technician from the US that has recently arrived in New Zealand with his brother for the first time. He is looking to establish himself here as new yet permanent resident in one of the NZ cities. He's known to be a cosplay weapon and armor smith for gaming conventions.

  • 2014 - Regan awakens during a traumatic accident
  • 2018 - Regan moves to New Zealand with his brother


  • Likes the Jason Momoa's version of Aquaman
  • Enjoys wearing costumes and playing dress up
  • Wants to build a yellow submarine
  • Fantasizes of being a space marine
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  • "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." -Mr. Shine (stolen from Marc Brown)
  • "Spindle seems to have found a kindred soul in this one. He is a fellow Arrow. My hope is that he grows into the responsibility he's taken oaths for." - Tag
  • "He makes people laugh and pulls people into the heart of things. That means he's a good person -right? Oh! He's artsy. Definitely good then." - Joy
  • "I wish I'd met Regan a lot sooner. N-not that I'm not happy I know him now! Just, we could have done so many more group cosplays! Anyway, he's been nothing but nice to me, and I'm glad he, um, c-comes to visit sometimes." - Spindle
  • "What a magnificent artist, his taste for what to do with a piece of fabric is something many people in my line of work wish they could do. Ultimately, I judge a man by his character just having fun and trying to make others smile. What a good soul. We need more cousins with good spirits." - Mara
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Allies, Friends, Family, & more

OOC Information

Player: Tommie B

Player Email:

Storyteller: David Musgrove

Storyteller Email:

Location: New Zealand