Reggie the Swamp Rat

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Commonly Known by the Kindred World

Name: Reggie the Swamp Rat

Notable Traits: Reggie looks to be 38 years old. He prefers to wear heavy shoes, cargo pants and t-shirts. He habitually wears sunglasses.

Quotes "Your gear will let you do your job. Your buddies will save your ass."
"The Free State is a system that permits and requires me to be an adult, not an overgrown 10 year old."
"I'm a goddamn plank owner of the Liberty Guard. You want to cause problems?"
"So. You fuckers have come to me, asking me to bust up some Cammie shit, just so we can kidnap some brainwashed punks? Do we even KNOW if they want to be free? No? Go find someone else to help you raise hell. I've done enough of that."

Society: Anarch Movement

Clan: Gangrel

Lineage: Blood of Odin
Childe of Catherine Flores


Techhead reclusive, moonshinin and plant growin' Southern boy, wears shades to cover his gator eyes, and never without some sort of cord and knife, did a tour of Nam, and came back to the states.


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  • The real Reggie hasn't left his compound in at least a decade.
  • The Reggie seen in public is actually several ghouled raccoons in a trench coat.
  • Reggie's crop is Limited Edition Quality.
  • "One time, at gangrel camp, Reggie..." *makes muffled noises as Reggie physically silences him* -Richard Stockton

Known Associates

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OOC Information


Player: Benjamin Hughes US2014030095

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jay McCoy

Storyteller Email:

Location: Savannah, GA


Copperhead Road -Steve Earle
Rooster -Alice in Chains
Veteran of the Psychic Wars -Blue Oyster Cult