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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Regina Quinn - DECEASED

Notable Traits:

Baron of Sanctuary, Cincinnati, Ohio 2014-Oct 2017

Regina Quinn of London, captain and privateer, is retired from the maritime ventures that built her name. She is now focused on a bustling service enterprise and provides culinary oddities for the discerning palate. She has developed an unsettling fascination with hearts, perhaps due to her propensity to aid those Kindred of unusual consumption feed less conspicuously. She is known for disparaging oppressors and crusading against tyranny, in her spare time, when not inspiring despots to take long walks off short piers in cement shoes.

Society: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Nova
Grandchilde of Ansgär Svendsen
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras


Captain Regina Quinn met Final Death in the Battle for Brooklyn of December 2017.

Regina Quinn was born in London. Not much is known about her parents, aside from being merchants of some kind. She will eagerly tell tales of her sailing days, her loyal crew, and her success as the least bloody carrier of letters of mark in history, thanks to her Ventrue advantage when it comes to humans. Following a few decades and several mounds of gold on the open seas, she felt the tension building into the Civil War. A Malkavian friend informed her of the Underground Railroad, and she relocated to Cincinnati, where she aided fleeing slaves and lured the pursuing slave owners to an early end. She also established a line of successful restaurants, in keeping with her House's reputation of success in business.

A major detail about Captain Quinn is her first mate, who has more recently opted for the title of butler, though the Captain forgets this at times. Walter Barnes is a fellow Ventrue who never leaves Regina's side. His unwavering loyalty often leads to insinuations of a blood bond between them, but the Captain staunchly denies this accusation. She is a known critic of such "weak plays for power" as she puts it, and those who suggest this tyranny of her often find their havens raided by police, their bank accounts frozen, and their cars keyed for good measure.

While Captain Quinn is not necessarily archaic, she does struggle with new technology. She has learned of emojis and doesn't call email threads "missives," but overall, if it is something her more tech savvy brothers and sisters in the Movement can handle, she leaves them to it. She will openly admit she feels like she's turning into a barnacle on a ship's bow, but not the part of her that's had it up to here with this Camarilla feudalism nonsense.


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  • Cockney is not her real accent.
  • Celebrity chefs have happily dined in her establishments.
  • She and her butler are lovers.

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