Reginald Jackson

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Reginald Cornelius Jackson III

Notable Traits: Reginald has glowing eyes and rarely speaks. His throat has a nasty scar running across it and the few times he does talk, his voice hisses slightly through the cut.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu

Titles: Prince (Formerly), Ambassador (Currently)


Reginald was born into a fairly well off family in 1840. The Top 10% of america at the time controlled 75% of the wealth; after all this was the Gilded Age. The son of a successful businessman, Reginald was likely to become a mover and shaker in the political climate.

His sire embraced him in rage after Reginald insulted the appearance of his sire. Reginald weaved clever insults together into a scathing prose because the vampire wore clothes that were slightly out of fashion and it would amuse him.

Enraged, his sire stole Reginald away and slit his throat, draining Reginald even as the poor bastard suffocated from his own blood, drowning him. The Embrace "saved" him, but also destroyed his appearance and left him with a permanent scar around his neck. Reginald would eventually learn how to speak with his damaged larynx, but every word is painful.

Arriving in Boston after escaping, Reginald was brought into the court where he quickly joined with the other Nos. He mostly stayed out of the games of those around him, but quietly learned and sold information to those who would pay for it.

In the Nights of Turmoil, Reginald fled to the Big Dig, where a fortress had been built, at the insistence of the Malkavians. There, he and a few others weathered the storm.


  • There was a bitter rivalry between the Nosferatu Primogen and his Whip, but over what is unknown.
  • He has a fondness for crocodilians.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Reginald's mind and wits are as sharp as his voice is raw. He is a capable leader, and despite our differences he has my support. If that ever changes, he shall be the first to know." -- Stefan Hoffman
  • "My brother, found in the silence and darkness beneath the edge of destruction." -- Zebulon Kessler
  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name
  • "I have never known a better man. He is proof that not all darkness need be feared." Angela Aspinwall

OOC Information

Player: Aaron Van Dessel

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Storyteller: Graham R.

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Location: Boston, MA.