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Commonly Known Information

Name: Andreia "Rei" Mandragora

Notable Traits: Looks more human, Is warm to the touch and has color in her skin.


Clan: Malkavian


December 5, 1919: Born into a jewish family of entertainers. June 30, 1925: Her little brother Nathaniel was born. April 1, 1933: People start boycotting her family's performances and family starts to worry about money. April 10, 1933: At the age of 13 she could no longer go to school due to the restrictions put in place to limit the number of Jewish students in their schools. November 9/10 1939: At 19 she is taken to a concentration camp and is separated from her father and brother. January 1 - Febuary 5, 1940: A Natzi soldier kills her mother and then takes her from the concentration camp. He then goes on by physically and psychologically torturing her for a month before she learned her torturer was a vampire. The Vampire then goes on a long rant on how humans are obsolete and that they are just toys for their amusement. He decided that she had a strong enough mind not to break after weeks of torture, which he believes are necessary traits for becoming a vampire, so he embraces her. Febuary 6, 1940 - December 31, 1941: The Natzi vampire teaches her everything he knows about different methods of torture by bringing in humans. At first she loathed what she was doing, but soon fell apathetic to it. The apathy scared her to no end. She feared she would one day become someone just like her sire, so on the night of December 31 she made him fall into a trance because of her presence and then diablerized him, but as a result a shard of his soul is now attached to her own. January 1, 1942 - May 1955: She hunts Natzi soldiers and former natzi soldiers as revenge for her family. She lures them to her with her presence and then sucks every last drop of blood out of them while their guard is down. By May 1955 it starts becoming hard to find former Natzis. January 1945: Turns Evelyn Dubois into a ghoul to help her attack the concentration camps to release the prisoners June 1955: She starts to write music as a way to work out her anger. She still uses her voice to lure people into her grasp and tests the limits of her vampire abilities. December 1965: She visits the place where her family had been separated to mourn the loss of her family when she sees a familiar face. As it turns out her brother was also turned into a vampire, however he is an unaligned Gangrel. While she is still unaligned at this point she does not wish to become part of the Camarilla. Ivan and Rei both agree that they would never attack each other even if they end up on opposing sides. January 1980: She is initiated into the Sabbat after she fully embraces Evelyn. December 2002: She moves to America to pursue a career in music.


  • Despite her tough nature, there's a rumor that she practices ballet.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Rachel K.

Player Email: TBD



Location: Atlanta, GA