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Commonly Known Information

Name: Get to know me and maybe I'll tell you

Alias: Pretty Girl

Character Type: Changeling

Character Seeming and Kith: Helldriver Darkling

Character Court: Court of the Collapsar

Mask: (Human) Long brown hair, Black Bags under eyes, Small, Tends to be cold to the touch or have goosebumps.

Mien: (Darkling -Banshee) Long Black Hair, Sunken Black eyes, Pale skin, Fang like teeth.

Union: Merchants Union

Spaceship: SC Scorpio Crew


She grew up with a hard life, she is always running, staying hidden. Always cautious. She doesnt like to open up about herself, however, those that get to know her can understand why.

OOC: Character Ties

I am looking for character ties.

Perhaps you knew my character? Perhaps my character "acquired/borrowed" something from you? Perhaps you had a romantic tryst with her?

OOC Information

Player: Sabrina H

Player Email: Sabrina H

Storyteller: Raina B

Storyteller Email: Raina B

Location: Western MA, MA-005-D