Rending Truth

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Rending Truth

Tribe: Red Talons

Moon: Philodox

Rank: Elder

Notable Traits: Grumpy old bastard, shuns all forms of technology.

Pack: The Gray

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Second Chance


In the mountains of what would one day be Colorado, on the western slope, a wolf was born under the half-moon in 1717. In 1722 that wolf underwent the First Change and was taken into the Wendigo/Red Talon Sept called Sunrise Mountain. His tale is a long one, and here we will tell the highlights of his existance. He was named a Cliath when he aided in the negotiation of a truce between a pack from the Weaver strong East and the Sunrise Mountains Sept. His first pack, his first family, were slaughtered on the Night of the Blood Dawn when a leech and it's allies among the Wyrm set upon them. He survived the Night because his Alpha, Waking Knife - Ahroun of the Wendigo - made him return to the Sept they were scouting for to tell them their findings. For this, for other things, he was made Fostern in 1797 as man reckons years. From then until 1865 he worked to prepare the Sept for the coming of the white man and with him, the Weaver. He took a mate. He sired children, several of whom Changed and their descendents walk among us today. In 1866 the Sunrise Mountain Sept is taken by Iron Riders, and for years the Wendigo and Red Talons, our hero among them, fought them. But in 1874 he approached the Iron Riders and negotiated a truce between the tribes. The Sept stood united, and he an Adren for his work. When the Storm Eater rose, he fought as Garou should. His actions in the war are rewared with the rank of Athro. The Iron Riders founded a town near the Sept in 1919, and in rage and disgust he walked away. Like many of those who came before the Weaver walked the west, he began a two decade campaign of making life miserable for the whites who had settled here. But even the rage of a Red Talon does not last forever, and in 1936 he returned to the Sunrise Mountain Sept. He remained there in his territory until the war began in Europe. Seeing the young go to war caused him to follow them. He sought out the creatures of the Wyrm in Europe, and in the end he was there to be an instrument of bring a ceasesion of hostilities between the Garou of Europe and Russia. To his People, this was a great thing and for these actions he was named Elder of the Garou Nation in 1946. For many years after this he lived near the Sunrise Mountain Sept. He kept to himself, taking in young Philodox to teach and offering advice when it was sought. In 1972 a student named Honor's Fang left the school of the old wolf, and the Elder decided it was time to move on. He joined the Wardens of the Land among the Red Talons. He gave advice across the country, doing what he could to make this world a better place for all. And then that old enemy of the People broke free in 2000, and the Storm Eater rose once again. The Wyrm slowly killed the Walking Sleep Pack, save him. And by the end, when the Fera came at the side of the Star Gazers, the time of the old wolf seemed to be over. Was it age? Harano? The coming of the Fera? He did not say. He just walked into the Rocky Mountains and was not seen again.

Or was he?

They say that another old wolf sent a message to the Elder. And for reasons only he knows, he answered. It has been said by some that they saw him - an old wolf coming out of the backcountry. After near two decades of seclusion, Rending Truth walks the lands once again.


  • He does not believe the Fera belong in the Nation.
  • He wants to cast all humans out of North America.
  • He is highly susecptable to harano.

OOC Information

Player: Tony Haddaway

Player Email:

Storyteller: Mykle McGovern

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Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado