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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Rends-All-Things (Ren)

Notable Traits: Friendly, likes to chew, definitely a human, complex via simplicity, loyal.

Pack: Sol Invictus

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Burning Heart


It knows your real name. (Short Story about First Change)

Wake. Bright moonlight lighting up the world. Scents blowing on the breeze. Prey. Pack mate. Tree. Leaf. Prey. Stretching out, mouth yawns, work out the kinks. Time to hunt, time to run time to be part of the pack. Time to pee. Bowles void, acrid scent, his scent, the scent of him strong. Scent of the alpha strong, over there. Scent of Sees-Flowers-Bloom strong. Scent of Runs-Fastest-of –All is strong. Others. This is pack, this is whole. Time for run, and time for hunt. Time for pack.

This is a stick, very large stick. Time to bite, time to chew, chew and bite. Bark tastes bad but the bite feels good. The teeth sink deep, break off, dent in, tear chunks. Something is forgotten. Time to bite. Stick is rotten in the middle, taste is bad, spitting the rot. Biting, biting to feel better. Chew, chew the stick. Something is forgotten.

Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose is there. She smells annoyed, stands annoyed, annoyance is on her. Something is forgotten? Yes, something is forgotten. Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose growls low, body language still annoyed. Now is run. Now is hunt. Now is pack, now is not chew. Chew is almost never. Now is run, now is pack, except for one…Rends-All-Things.

On the feet, drop the stick, now was run! Now was pack! Something was remembered, now was hunt! The only thing better than bite. The only thing better than chew, hunt! Pack! Prey, drip squirt in the mouth, hot and tear and chew. Bones, there would be bones to chew. 

They ran, they were pack. Leads-Us-To-Victory, the alpha, Runs-Fastest-of –All, Sees-Flowers-Bloom, Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose, and of course Rends-All-Things. Others, they ran, the scent was sweet the moon sang. The song was of the wyld, and their hearts and feet rose and fell with its beat. They were pack, and they hunted.


Sleep. Dreaming. All is close, all smells of rot. The stick, the inside of the stick. Rends-All-Things ran in the stick. He ran away, fled from it. It was bad, it smelled wrong, it tasted wrong. It did not bite well it looked for them it found them and it hated them. Hated him. So he ran, he was alone and it was close. Dirty, close and smelled bad and squirmed. Too close, he wouldn’t fit, had to run, had to keep running. It was coming it was closer. It was not good to be prey. Feet behind, closer, closer. He whined, and was ashamed. Then there, there, the moon, follow the moon, follow. The moon would lead him out, run to the moon. He ran fast, he ran hard, but it came. It came. It was almost on-


Wake. Moonlight blocked by clouds, the air smells heavy. The air is wet, the ground is dry. Soon. Storms. Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose is there, her scent is concerned, her hackles are raised, her body is angry. Sit up, smell. Angry at something. Something is wrong. Rends-All-Things is not wrong. Something else. Smell the air, listen. There is alpha, there is Sees-Flowers-Bloom. There is….where is Runs-Fastest-of –All? Low whine. Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose howls. Howl together. The song rises, reaches out. Answers, singles and groups. Runs is not there. Runs does not answer.

Where is Runs? Their scent goes out, goes without the pack. Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose does not know where. Alpha does not know. Rends-All-Things definitely does not know. Now is urinate, here, there, many places. Rends IS here. Rends is very definitely here. Now is chew, now is bite. Biting too hard, the bone breaks. The bone breaks too soon and it is not good. The bone is small bones now, jagged bones. Huff. Huff. Chew anyway, bite and bite. 

Where is Runs? Their scent goes away. This bone does not know. The alpha does not know. Runs is gone, but they are pack. They are hunt, and they are run. They are pack. Sees-Flowers-Bloom comes near, she is concerned. Move to the side. Bones and sticks. Sees does not want bones, Sees wants closeness. Huff. Now is chew. Sees is whining, body insistent. Huff. Rends is close with Sees. Now Rends is concerned, now Rends is not chewing.

Where is Runs? The pack does not know.


Sleep. Dreaming. Closer. It is closer, always closer, always. It knows Rends name. No, no it does not. It tells Rends it has a different name. Lie. Or is it? Is his name wrong? It is bad, and it was close in the stick. Too close. Too rot and too smell bad. It knows what his name should be. Knows what it wants his name to be. He should go to it, so it can tell him his name. He does not, he runs. He is Rends-All-Things. Fear, tangy and in his mouth not on his nose. It is bad and it is close now. It knows his name. It knows what his name should be. The moon. He runs to the moon. There is something, something on his back. He yelps and runs. It-


Wake. Fear. Fear everywhere. The pack is afraid, pacing, whining, growling. Moon is out, moon is bright. Territory is bright. Smell, listen. No prey. Trees. Leaves. Rot. Fear. No prey. Something rotten. Fear. Now is whine. Now is urinate, Rends is HERE. Sees-Flowers-Bloom is not. Where is Sees, where is Runs? The pack does not know. Rends does not know. Their scent runs off. Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose is looking. Smelling. Listening. Rends-All-Things is next to Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose. Smell, listen. Rot. Rot and Runs and Sees. Are they in the stick? Rends hopes they are not. The stick is bad. The thing in the stick knows his name. Or what his name should be. 

The stick is there. Chew. Break. Crack. Rend. The stick comes apart, now is rip now is snap. The stick is sticks in his mouth. His teeth make it not a stick, make it many many sticks. It tastes bad. There is nothing but a worm in the stick. He does not eat it. It would taste bad. Now is chew. Something is not forgotten, but something is missing. Chew. 

Reminds-Of-Our-Purpose howls. Rends is howling. The alpha is howling. Sees and Runs are not howling. Where are Sees and Runs? Their scent goes away, swallowed up by Rot, and the pack knows not where.


Sleep. This is not dream. It knows his name, and it is telling him his name. He runs towards it. It is too hard to run from it, so he runs towards it. It will tell him his name and he will run with Sees and Runs and be pack. A new pack. Happy. It is too close. Hot, cold, sweaty freezing. The call is his name. He will answer his name. He runs. Trees, ground, leaves, no prey. He is closer. Soon he will be with his new pack. Soon he will know his new name.

The moon is there. It is full. He sees it, it was behind him. Now it is in front. It is angry. It is angry he will have a new name. It is angry that the Rot is calling him. It is angry Runs and Sees are in a new pack. It is angry. He is angry. Rends is angry. Rends-All-Things is angry. He is ANGRY!!!! 

He howls, and CHANGES. Now Rends-All-Things is large, the moon is singing in triumph, and he is there. Rot is there, a twisted thing, the stick turned inside out. He realizes this was the worm from the stick and he is angry that it is there. Sees-Flowers-Bloom and Runs-Fastest-Of-All are there and they are also twisted they are also full of worms. They are dead, dead like the stick and Rends is so very angry these things wear their flesh. 

He howls and rushes forward, the vampire hissing and screaming in fear, in surprise and in rage, and he can see it is afraid of Rends. The rage takes all, takes him, and takes the stick-worm. It takes his former packmates. It takes him and remakes him, and the moon sings with his new form. He runs, now is hunt, now is Rend. Now it is time to rend all things. He knows he cannot go back. His pack, he is not in that pack anymore, he needs a new one. One that knows things, one that will hunt the worm in the stick. One that threw off their skin and found power underneath. He would find them, and they would hunt. They would hunt the wyrm. 

And he would chew on all of the bones.

Rends-All-Things, also known by his pack and friends as "Omnom", or "Ren" is the quintessential wolf in a man's world. He is new enough to the Garou nation and traumatized enough that he is clinging to what he knows. And what he knows is that Gaia has chosen him to kill the Wyrm. His tribe rarely has an issue with this zeal, but it occasionally leads to conflict with others, as his seeming simple focus comes across as naive or overly simplistic.

But Ren's focus hides an understanding of how complex the world is, though it may be one he prefers not to face just yet.

OOC Information

Player: Liam Burke

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Storyteller: Vincent Alexander US2014060022

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Location: Buffalo NY