Renee Garren

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Renee Garren

Factual Information
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Deeded: In Terrorem
Pack: Talons of Veles
Heroic Lineage: Daughter of Akardy Iceclaw

Renee was born the only child of Silver Fang noble, sent away to live with relatives, a family led by Victor Garren. She was given a new name, a new life, and a path set for her. Shortly after the death of Victor's wife, young Renee was sent to boarding school. Victor was unable to care for his niece with a newborn Vanessa and two boys, all while grieving. As such, Renee was raised largely by teachers, though she wanted for nothing. Only seeing her family on some holidays hosted by Victor's new wife Dezhda, Renee spent life away from her only family as she was groomed for her eventual place as her father's heir. This is was a role she found herself suddenly free of in the Age of Apocalypse, with her cousin Aleksei returning claiming the title. She mourned the loss of her favorite cousin Alex while simultaneously rejoicing in her newfound freedom.

Free from the rigid expectations she was raised with, but still only having that life to draw from, Renee threw herself into her duties to the nation. Raising to Adren, Renee decided to find a new place to make her home. After a few years of travel, she's decided to join the newly formed sept in Atlanta, where her cousin Gregori has been sighted. Still fiercely loyal to her family and pack, Renee has her sights set on raising her House and family to the levels she feels befitting them.

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