Renee Matthews

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Renee Mathews

Name: Renee Mathews

Notable Traits: Most corax have dark hair and pale skin, which when combined with their thin physique can occasionally cause some confusion for eager vampire hunters. 2) Birdlike Mannerisms 3) Naive

Pack: Silver Hawks


Sept: Indy, IN



History: Renee Lynn Matthews was born to Jacob and Cathorine Matthews on August 21st 1987. She grew up in Boston Massachusets her family was well off, not rich but they did well. Renee was very attentive in school achieving straight A's. By the time she graduated she knew three languages and had plans to learn more. During her junior high and senior high summer days she worked in the library and helped in a daycare. She attended Boston University in 2006 majoring in Linguistics, her junior and senior years she spent her summers abroad continuing her to learn more about languages and culture. During her trip to Japan the summer of 2008, she almost had an unfortunate meeting but something happened and she transformed into a raven. Soon after that she met someone similar and she transferred housing so that he could explain more about what the Grand Father Thunder had chosen her for. In 2012 she transfered to Indianapolis, Indiana to finish out her PHD in linguistics at IUPUI. When she graduated in 2014, she got a job as a teacher. Her apartment was a small garden, one room growing mushrooms, another was vegetables and on the balcony she grows fruit. Once the food is harvestable she takes a small amount for herself and donates the rest to a couple of soup kitchens. She loved to garden and cook, always trying a new vegetarian recipe.

Personality:Renne is an easy to get along with girl, very curious and with a sharp tongue. Will you impress her, be the star of one of her tales? But do not cross her for fear of...well try and you'll see. Quotes:"Ooh, shiny!" "Wait. Shh...I want to hear this." Allies Davis "Follows-The-Money" Flynn Jen Charles Davis Phil Ben Josh--Wade Forms: Crinos/Rara Avid (Half Human-Half Raven) Half crow.jpg Corvid (Full Raven) Common raven sim 1.jpg


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OOC Information

Player: Brigitte Ames

Player Email:

Storyteller: Thomas Harden

Storyteller Email:

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Forms: Crinos/Rara Avid (Half Human-Half Raven)

Corvid (Full Raven)