Reouven de Revenel

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Reouven de Revenel

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Sire: Meliora

Clan: Tremere

House Affiliation: House Saharat

Titles: Scourge of Modesto, California

Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Enforcer, Courageous

Aliases: Neve Recanti

Approval#:' USA-SW-VC-1706-039223

On Mannerisms:

On first meeting Reouven de Revenel most would offer that his not the most affable person in the room. Most find him to be disconnected, distracted or completely apathetic. When speaking he generally speaks about his own opinions or personal experiences, even talking past others opinions, beliefs or experiences. He is rude. But not viciously so, but rather it is more like he just doesn’t care about others. In regards to his behavior among other Clans he finds the Clan Venture and Brujah entirely too tiresome. On more than one occasion he has openly criticized the Clans for their childish bravado. He firmly believes that Clan Tremere is the savior of Vampiric Society (The Camarilla).

On Appearance:

Reouven de Revenel is a man who places importance on first impressions and appearances. As such he appears neat, clean, and well-kept. His features are strong, and solid, with a goatee and thick black hair. His eyes are sharp and discerning. His style is blend of modern cut suits, and classic colors (predominately Earth-Tones or black). His manner is one of distant indifference, as if he has separated himself from the Earth’s rotation. Of course this is merely an act, in truth, little escapes his gaze or notice. He is a keen observer, but especially well practiced at concealing his interest or motives. His primary weapons of choice are his cunning and unwavering attention to weakness.

Descriptive Words:

Aloof, Unfriendly, Equivocal, Enigmatic, Competitive, Vengeful, Deceitful, and Methodical.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Reouven de Revenel is a known Elder of the Tremere Clan. Most in society know him to be a polite, yet somewhat distant guest. He’s not prone to make a scene. In fact, quite often he just listens and holds his opinion to himself; occasionally he even listens intently. It has been offered that Revenel’s attention is frequently drawn elsewhere, as if another nearby conversation is always more interesting than the one he is involved in at the moment. He is also terrible with names, which makes his aloofness more noticeable. This is even more prevalent when he is within the company of his Sire, Meliora. Which of course gives the impression that he is her most vigilant servant, akin to a devoted body guard. If pressed for details about politics or opinion his responses are generally direct and biased to the Tremere Clan. On more than one occasion he has expressed the notion that Clan Tremere is the savior of civil society.

When asked about his role in the Tremere Clan he most frequently offers that he is a “problem solver.” Naturally this broad description of his role in the clan leaves much open to speculation. He has been rumored to be everything from a cold-blooded killer and thief, to a debonair yet sublime lothario. He has been known to be involved in various diplomatic endeavors for both the Tremere and the Camarilla, although not in a leadership role. Which again leads to another rumor in that he is little more than glorified errand boy for the Elders of his clan. The less than casual observer will notice that younger Tremere appear to do one of two things when within close proximity of Revenel, they either give him a wide-berth (avoid) or become overly eager. In either case respect is clearly offered.

In Recent Nights:

In these more recent nights Revenel finds himself in the city of Modesto, California. His reason for residing in Modesto is unclear though most believe he is there to support Clan Tremere and the Praxis. It is rumored that his primary interests involve various businesses associated with the justice system. One in particular is a bail bond company known as “Simple Magic Bail Bonds.” Some say this is rooted in Revenel’s appetite for finding, “unfindable quarry” for Clan Tremere. Others see this as him merely being a savvy businessman. Overall he maintains a steadfast reputation for solid business dealings and boon exchanges. Now whether or not he is doing something on the sly besides mentoring other Tremere and general profit-seeking is entirely subjective, but also probably true. Revenel is currently serving as Scourge of Modesto, California.

Lineage (OOC: Tremere Only)

  • Goratrix
    • Therimna
      • Saharat
        • Meliora
          • Rouven de Revenel

Allies (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

Quotes (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

  • "There is always one weakling who will barter away the existence of others to prolong their own survival." ~ Reouven de Revenel
  • "I am rather fond of my childe - then again, as adept and skilled as he is, how could I not be?" ~ Meliora
  • "Y'know... for a man who knows a lot about a lot of people... I strangely know very little of Reouven. And something tells me it's due to his wanting it that way. For someone to have THAT much secrecy... one should be very aware of who's toes they're stepping on. They might be his, and you'd never know." ~ Övé Háskell
  • "Elder de Revenel is the silence that 'things that go bump in the night' are afraid of." ~ Lucas Pope
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Rumors (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

  • Reouven de Revenel is little more than a glorified errand boy and "bag man" for the Elders of the Clan Tremere.
  • Reouven de Revenel doesn't really like social gatherings, that is to say he is not very social at gatherings.
  • Reouven de Revenel actually enjoys social gatherings. He views these as opportunities to find people's weaknesses.
  • Reouven de Revenel is a fair diplomat. Depending on the venue, he can be a formidable diplomat.
  • Reouven de Revenel is Meliora's favorite childe. Just look at how closely the two interact; they don't even need to speak to each other to understand the other!

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OOC: Information & Contact

Player: Rudy F. (US2002022628)

Rudy F.

Location: Modesto, CA. (VSS: Sangre Por Tierra)

Domain of the Cautionary Tales (CA-037-D), Modesto & Stockton, California