Reverend Gideon Haven

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ST: Damon Edwards
VSS: Little Rock, AR Masquerade - VSS


Known Name:Gideon Haven
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Little Rock, AR
Titles & Positions:

  • Elder of the Malkavian Clan
  • Prophet of the Lord

Fleeting Status

Ties Sought

  • Seeking strong allies in the Tower, especially Harpies and other Princes

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  • 1702 Embraced, Province of North Carolina
  • 1705 Released
  • 1865 Gideon Saves Solomon Jackson from a Sabbat attack
  • 1895 Gideon Embraces Dr. Hermes
  • 1911 Gideon Embraces Ezekiel Manahan
  • 1958 Gideon meets Clovis Redfield
  • 1960 Gideon and his Family settle in Little Rock
  • 1987 Seizes Praxis of Little Rock
  • 2017 abdicates the throne due to prestation. Shortly thereafter he is named Harpy.


  • Grand-Sire: The Triad
    • Sire: Visitor (deceased)
      • Self
        • Childer: Issac (deceased),A , Dr. Hermes Henri Oberge, Ezekiel Manahan,
          • Grand-Childe: Malachai Oliver


Rumors & Falsehoods

  • "Gideon claims to hear the voice of the Lord and receive visions from Him."
  • "The Reverend does not like Foul Language and has taken offense to it's frequent use in his presence."
  • "He prefers the title Reverend because his actual title is Archbishop. He's an old-time religion kinda Cainite."
  • "I heard he makes his ghouls wear habits when they kneel to 'pray.' "
  • "I have it on good authority that he's actually a Follower of Set masquerading as a Christian, and that he really runs a BDSM Cult. What better sheep's clothing?' "
  • "I heard he cavorts with witches and participates in their rituals, dancing naked in the woods by the light of the moon."
  • "In many cases, those who speak out most strongly against what they identify as sin, are those who either have participated in the past, are doing so currently, or desire to once again."
  • "I hear he's been banned from holding tent revivals by the Justicars after he frenzied at the last one and it took a good month to protect the Masquerade."
  • "At the execution of his Senechal, he had her burned on a pyre, and then tried to get the assembled Kindred to sing "this little light of mine""
  • "Even the good Reverend couldn't escape the fact that cold hard cash means more in the world than the word of God."


  • "I keep hearing that he wants to shove Jesus down my throat. If he pays me enough I'll swallow whatever he wants." Holly Wood
  • "Those that are weak of mind and spirit take comfort in having a strong hand to guide them. Those who are strong have no need for such things. They can handle the weight of the truth on their own." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "The good Reverend wears many hats. As a Toreador, and his Seneschal, I am coming to appreciate his.... style." - Morena Meyer (deceased)
  • "He has seen more than most but not nearly enough." - Roman
  • "Er is geen mens meer rechtvaardig of vol van overtuiging dan hij die de stem van God heeft gehoord en de manier waarop hij de opdracht heeft gegeven om te reizen." - The Iron Mask
  • "Residing in the same place as Gideon was a double edged sword. On one hand, because of his fervor and zeal for self-denial of sensation, the "faithful" of his flock so desperately desired my services that he made it almost too easy to recruit... On the other, no one inspires repentant guilt in those same people for having a good time like the good Reverend Killjoy." - Sokar
  • "The most entertaining conversationalist I have yet met. His candor does ease the rigors of long voyages." -Morvenna Mathias
  • "I have only heard of Reverend Haven by reputation. Coming from a Lutheran community, sincere faith can be worthy of respect. Being the son of both a craftsman and a merchant, I believe an appropriate motto is 'caveat emptor'. " -Stefan Hoffman
  • "It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember..." - Ruby Atomic
  • "You best step away from the Reverend. He done told you to leave. G'on. Git!" -Clovis Redfield
  • "There isn't anything that makes me feel quite so proud as when the good Reverend calls me a 'wanton harlot.'" -Rhiannon Byrd
  • "I respect faith above many things, that our faith is not in the same things does not dampen my desire to know him.'" -Rowan Byrd
  • "Prince Haven may give off the affectations of a Baptist, but he appears to follow that most Calvinist of views: The Lord helps those who help themselves." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Prince Haven, health, wealth, and unlife, is a paragon for those who believe in the God on a stick." -Tachenef

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