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ReverieBanner Fallen.png
This PC has fallen to the Wyrm and become an NPC under the authority of the VST of VA-019-D

VaultsDeathLaughing.png We're All From Somewhere

Name: Reverie Jones, "Vaults Death Laughing"

Details: Kojin Kitsune Kataribe

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Red fox. Carries an instrument case everywhere. Earnest.

Pack: High Water

Society: Accepted into the Garou Nation

Sept: Sept of Reborn Hope (formerly)

FeraKitsune.png Stories Hold Wisdom

The schism between thousands of years of tradition held in trust in the memories of Ninetales and the first of the Foxes to emerge without guidance, without explanation, without a way to know their heritage, is arguably a catastrophe. Here, in the Final Age, when Luna's favorites and Gaia's youngest are tasked with bringing unity to the divided Gaians, the Kitsune are themselves divided - split between elders burdened with tradition and purpose, and new Foxes eager to explore the bright new world opened to them with their first change. Reverie straddles that divide.

Reverie was one of those American Kitsune who didn't know what she was, effectively a lost cub as the Kitsune breed spread across the world in 2009. She was older, in her mid-twenties, and had accepted her life as kinfolk in a family of Black Furies and Children of Gaia. Upon her first change, she immediately sought ties to other members of her breed to learn about her history and apply it to the life she had always known in order to forge her path forward.

Reverie was a proud member of the Garou Nation, seeking Acceptance the moment that Fera were allowed to join. After wandering for a while to discover herself, she returned home to find a push to retake and settle Richmond, lost to the Wyrm in 2008. Pack High Water fought alongside the budding sept for months, but during the Eclipse of August 2017 they stood guard over the Caern Seed at the Sept of the Found. There, they found honest welcome and camaraderie that their old home had been lacking. For over a year, Reverie sought her purpose alongside the Garou and Fera of the Sept of the Found.

In January of 2019, there was an assault on a newly raised Hive of Black Spiral Dancers within the Sept's protectorate. During the attack, the Shard Seed of the Sept of the Found was stolen. The Goblin King, totem of that Hive, took control of the Seed and was willing to bargain it back to the Gaians for safe escape from their protectorate - but at the cost of one of their own. Others will speculate on her reasons, but after consulting with the Sept Leader, Reverie accepted the bargain, and handed herself over. The Goblin King kept his word and allowed her to return the Seed, but only after she had been fully corrupted.

GarouNation.png Words Have Power

  • "Even among the now-many children of Bai Mianxi, I have never met another with such hunger for stories, and her unbridled joy reminds me of my youngest daughter. Truly, the resurgence of Kitsune in the world is embodied beautifully in Reverie." - Nikita Romanov
  • "Who would've known that years after I helped her hoodwink an inheritance that I would be doing the same. Karma has a way of coming back." - Dezha Orlova
  • "I cried when I heard of her conception. I rejoiced at her birth. I cried when she changed. I rejoiced when she joined the Nation. My oldest granddaughter has come so far, and yet has so far left to go, beyond my understanding. I hope to rejoice in her triumphs more than to cry for her losses." - "Yiayia" Sofia Giannopoulos
  • "Add yours." - Your Name

Kataribe.png The Truth in Every Lie

  • She swindled a dying old man and stole his money out from under his rightful inheritors.
  • How does a Kitsune get a weapon covered in Shadow Lord glyphs?
  • She is actually a Nuwisha who is pranking both Kitsune and Garou.
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OOC Information

On 1/5/19, this PC fell to the Wyrm and became an NPC under the authority of the VST of NRV

Player: Helen W.

Storyteller: Ricky Z

Location: New River Valley, VA