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Character Information

OnyxPath-Black Furies.png

Name: Reyna "Stands Above" Nikos

Deed Names: Wrath of Bellona

Age: 38 (looks 24)

Breed: Homid

Rank: Adren (3)

Positions: Warder for the Sept of the Second Chance

Notable Traits: If purebreed was still a thing, she would be purebreed 2 or 3

Pack: Moonlight Walkers

Camp: Bacchantes

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Known Family

Kelli Nikos - Little Brother, Garou Ragabash
Diana Nikos - Little Sister, Garou Ahroun
Athena Nikos - Wife, Kinfolk (NPC)


Important Abilities

Weaponry (x5)
Armorer (x1)
Diseases (x2)
Medicine (x3)

Weapons, Armor, & Fetishes

Roman Recurve Bow Roman Spatha Sword Sorina's Sorrow - This dagger is decidedly very creepy.


First Aid Bag - It's a portable ambulance in a bag!



Reyna receives another line on her tattoo for every year of service to the garou nation. Thick lines represent years that memorable events occurred, while thin lines simply represent the year.

Rumors and Quotes


  • She knows who secretly bit her brother Kelli Nikos
  • She has a vendetta against House Morningkill
  • Her long lost little sister has re-emerged somewhere. She seems... pensive... about it.


  • "It's time for me to rise again and provide my skills to the Nation."
  • "Dammit Diesel, if we have to pull over for cheeseburgers again and you jump out of the van in homid I will get out and tackle you myself."



  • 1980 - Born in Miria to the Black Fury tribe and raised in the village at Crete
  • 1995 - First Change and Rite of Passage
  • 1996 - Attains Fostern rank
  • 1997 - Becomes Adren and dubbed Wrath of Bellona
  • 1998 - Earns the Athro rank and is made Wyrmfoe of the Sept of Bygone Visions
  • 1999 - Helps with the planning and defeat of the Zmei Trevero at the Fall of the Shadow Curtain
  • 2009-2010 - Assists with the Rite of the Still Skies, defending the Ritualists
  • 2010 - Falters in duties at the Battle for the Sept of the Crescent Moon. For her failures, renounces Wyrmfoe Position and drops to Fostern Rank, believing she must learn more and do it all over to truly earn her Rank
  • 2017 - Sent by the Auspice Council of the Sept of Bygone Visions and her Pack Alpha to learn and assist in rebuilding the west, starting in Colorado
  • 2018 - Assisted in the defeat of the Kraken in Pueblo, CO.
  • 2018 - Attains Adren rank again, dubbed Stands Above

Songs of the Hunt

Broken Ones - Shaman's Harvest
I Waited For You - Valora
The Light - Disturbed
Not Gonna Die - Skillet
Help - Papa Roach
Go to War - Nothing More
Ready for War (Pray for Peace) - Adelitas Way
What Ya Gonna Do - Hinder
The Resistance - Skillet

OOC Information

Player: Megan C

Player Email:

Storyteller: Mykle McGovern

Storyteller Email:

Location: Colorado Springs, CO