Rhian Shi-ire

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Name: Rhian Shi-ire
Aliases: Painted Red
Clan: Brujah
Apparent Age: 20
Current Location: Detroit, Michigan
Position: None


With her mixed heritage, Rhian is a bit of a mix herself. She wears a mixed attire of old and new, Native and Norse, with a dash of lacrosse, and obvious tattoos painted on her body. With her and her husband's travels you may find Native attire not of their own upbringing, but given the Mandan and Norse habit for trade it is still theirs to call their own.

She has a slight athletic build given her lacrosse background, but not so obvious that you would ever know she was capable. But what is obvious is her want for a good fight, or game. Sometimes they go hand and hand, no matter how reserved she may seem to be at times.

Whatever she happens to wear however, you will always find the "Loneman", the coyote for those who don't know the story.

Brujah Symbol.png

Cam PC

Player: Jennifer Cole
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Detroit by Night

IC & OOC Email: Rhian Shi-ire


Character Information



Rhian, called "Painted Red" by her husband, is a bit of a feisty one. Not known for starting fights, she is known for not turning one down, and will join in on one if she feels the need to. She is however careless, and tends to become sidetracked in her battle lust. People have been known to find the opportunity to escape the battle on occasion.

Both she and her husband, Madog "Mad Horn", travel together always, and she is loyal to the death. A boon or two may have been handed over by her husband for her quick temper, and her sharing a fist or two with someone's face, given both her protective nature of her husband, and her hatred for those who disrespect the Creator and the Creator's Game...Her husband, being the calm one out of the two, is on most occasions able to talk her out of most mishaps.

If you respect both The Creator, The Game, and her husband though, you may indeed find her with endless patients. Such patients will fall short quickly if you are not careful.

She and her husband, Madog "Mad Horn" Knudsen, will teach The Creator's Game to anyone who wishes to learn.


Born in the Missouri River Valley in the late 1770's, Rhian and her husband are descendant of the mixed relations of the Mandan and their Norse visitors. Although not of blues eyes like the myth, they are still Mandan and Norse, and are proud of both. Although the knowing of their Norse heritage didn't come to them til after their Embrace.

During much of Rhian's life her people were plagued by the small pox, which almost decimated them. In fact, her husband was among those who were hit by it during the first of many waves of outbreaks that chased her people up along the Missouri River. Rhian did her best to take care of her husband, even taking him to a medicine man not overly liked by the people, in the hopes of curing him. Her husband and the medicine man disappeared during the night as her exhausted body fell asleep, and upon awaking she was struck with dread. Her husband was taken away by the spirits, and she would never see him again. With pain in her heart she returned to her people, and did her best to care for them, only to be struck herself during another outbreak of the small pox. Left with the dead however, her husband returned to her in the night, and Embraces her.


They both do their best to protect the village with no use. Their people continued to fall with continued outbreaks, and attacks from outlying villages. They have no choice but to leave their people in the hopes of finding help. Unfortunately, the small pox and attacks from other villages weren't the only thing decimating their people. The world was changing quick, and those who were taking over were ruthless in their pursuit of land.

Soon they learn of their Norse heritage, and begin journeying back down the Missouri River, along the Ohio River to what ever clues they could find. Also finding those who wished them dead. Along their journey they find other's like themselves, and find their purpose. They train with those trained or need training, teach the Creator's Game to all who are willing, and protect what lands they can from those who would destroy it, and the people who depend on it.


  • Born: Late 1770’s Missouri Valley Region
  • 1790’s: The village is struck with small pox and her husband along with them. She takes him to a medicine man in the hopes of healing him. During the night she falls asleep, and upon waking finds her husband and the medicine man gone. Believing he is dead she returns to their tribe
  • 1790’s: The small pox outbreaks still persist and she falls ill. The tribe leaves her with the dying, but her husband returns for her. He Embraces her.
  • 1830’s They do their best to protect the tribe as they move up the Missouri River, but are forced to leave to find help. Help they are unable to find.
  • 1880: Ferngrove (Devil’s Backbone) Louisville, Kentucky. They find clues of their Norse ancestry and continue to search for more clues to where they came from.
  • 1923: Ferngrove is turned into an amusement park. They find feeding easier, but find more clues to their ancestry in Mounds State, where the ruins are unprotected.
  • 1929: Mounds Amusement Park closes, and feeding becomes difficult, but they follow a strict diet and feeding techniques.
  • 1937: Mounds Park floods, and the mounds become damaged. The state finds interest in them. Rhian and her husband work hard to protect them. They find more information about their lineage.
  • 1960: Made their way to Maybury, Michigan. Became security for the sanitarium.
  • 1960’s: They meet more local Kindred and find their skills are useful. They work to help train different Kindred around the surrounding areas and protect them

Known Associates




Fallen Friends


  • "Hun er stille. Øynene hennes forteller en historie om motgang og utholdenhet. Hun ville vært en utmerket Gangrel." - Olaf



  • Crooked Arrow
  • Legend of the First Creator and Lone Man
  • The Myth of the Blue Eyed Mandans


  • Nightwish- Creek Mary's Blood
  • Skvalthr
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie & Tanya Tagaq- You Got To Run
  • Tyr- Hold the Heathen Hammer High
  • Mandaree- Mandan Veteran Song
  • Black Lodge Singers- Intertribal

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