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Name: Rhys

Notable Traits: A polite, well dressed gentleman, often carrying a cane.

Type: Awakened

Character Type Subgroup: Mastigos

Union: Merchant


Rhys doesn't talk about his history much. Every so often he lets drop that he has trained other Mastigos. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about the Core, but others have claimed that some of it is incorrect, so maybe he just learned about the Core from others.

He currently runs a high-class establishment on Strugni Station called The Lounge, which caters to the station's elite.



  • Rhys had any moral qualms removed during the Silent War.
  • Rhys has a bar staffed with former Protectorate soldiers. He has to renew the spells on them monthly.
  • Rhys is building a cult around autocannibalism


  • "Vanya, someone with a conscience should deal with this."
  • "He pays well. A who appreciates the importance of good dealings" - Kiera

OOC Information

Player: Rhys O.

Player Email: thescribespen@gmail.com

Storyteller: Boston VST

Location: Strugni Station (Boston MA)

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