Richard Holt

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Richard Holt


Aliases: Rick
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: New York, NY
Position: Former Malkavian Whip

Abiding Status

  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla

Fleeting Status

  • None given

Richard Holt is a tall figure of a kindred, graceful at times and unreasonably clumsy at others. He likes to dress with a modern take on old fashions, filling in the gaps of style with ostentatious flare. A seemingly fearless kindred that walks the modern nights with reckless confidence. The stride in which he boldly takes on the night is odd, as it is clear from his manicured hands and careless demeanor Richard is in no sense a warrior. Never seen in one spot for too long Rick is a bit of a social butterfly, or a hovering gnat depending to whom you speak. He is welcoming to all, and loves the company of other kindred and mortals alike.


Varying by observer Richard will be described as very clever or incredibly annoying. He has a preternatural knack for being in the wrong place at the right time. Whether his actions are intentional or happenstance entirely depends on the observer. Some consider him methodical, with every seemingly superfluous action having a purpose, leveraging the insights of his clan to prepare for every possible outcome. Others would say he is a bumbling clueless buffoon, endlessly underfoot causing problems. Who can say, perhaps you should speak with him, maybe you can sort it out for everyone.


  • Richard supposedly tried to join the Anarch movement.
  • The Primogen of the Toreador Elder Ar'Dom made Richard his whip for reasons unknown.
  • Richard is a mortal that is convinced he is a Kindred.
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  • "הוא האדם הכי מטומטם שפגשתי מעודי" - Shira Hadar
  • "People hear Anarch and think its synonymous with chaos. For movement to be effective, it needs direction, and Mr. Holt hasn't found his yet. This isn't his fault, and he knows that, but until he has enough sense of self to find a sense of direction and stick to it, there's not much anyone else can do for him, and certainly nothing good he's going to do for anyone else." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "Stop monologuing, Richard." - Mara Nordahl
  • "It utterly fascinates me how he has managed to keep himself alive. He's garnered just enough support to offset the derisions, chastisements, and attempts at violence...but what makes me the most curious is trying to figure out what this fellow is looking to accomplish." - Bartleby Crane
  • "There's so much he could do if he didn't' keep fucking himself over. He needs to learn to act for others instead of just himself though--which the Cam sure as hell won't teach him." - Kyle Morgan
  • "He certainly made a strong impression upon my first visit to Court. His behavior belies his age in a most regrettable way, yet some must see him as possessing merit or else he would certainly not be able to take the liberties he does." - Leon Astorio
  • "Sigh." - Thomasine Cary
  • "Good or bad, by all means add a quote!" - Name



Richard claims to know nothing of his Lineage other than the Name of his sire, Anna Sanchez, and that he was born and embraced in New York.


  • Crime lords of New York have been know to work with Richard
  • Richard is every familiar with nearly all local gangs in the 5 boroughs.
  • A great number of Blackhats work in Manhattan, Richard has his fingers on there keys.
  • Corruption isn't just for politicians. Mailmen, morticians and medics, everyone in mortal government is on the take. Old Rick knows just who to talk to.
  • They says the streets have eyes and the walls have ears. Ricky isn't above talking to the trash living on the streets.
  • Oh you meant other Kindred, they are potent but I wouldn't underestimate mortal allies.


  • Its unhealthy to have enemies.


  • 1630-Richard is born and leads a dull life as a Haberdasher and Fur trapper.
  • 1675-Richard is legally embraced by Anna Sanchez but kept in hiding from the Camarilla.
  • 1675-1871 Richard’s accounting, solo training and bizarre mental conditioning
  • 1871-Richard is attacked by Sabbat infiltrators and first encounters with Camarilla vampires.
  • 1871-1980 Richard is forcibly entombed inside a wall of a building by his Sire for safe keeping.
  • 1914-Richard’s Sire Anna Sanchez MIA during WWI presumed dead. Richard never gets released from accounting.
  • 1980-The building Richard is entombed in collapses and releases Richard. He goes into deep hiding to learn more about his current surroundings.
  • 1981-Richard begins researching Camarilla activity and influencing criminal networks within manhattan.
  • 2017-After years of research Richard comes out of hiding and joins the Camarilla pretending to be a lost clueless Neonite.


Player: Jeremy Ortiz, US2017100141
ST: Marshall Crutchfield

Ties Sought

  • Allies, Enemies and lineage.


  • Puck
  • Loki
  • Killgrave