Richard Hush

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Richard Hush

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Richard Hush aka "SosFos"

Fera Breed: Corax

Breed Homid

Aupice Technically Ragabash

Rank: Fostern

Notable Traits American Detective who collects hats, and old detective noir memorabilia.

Pack: None

Society: Fera

Sept: Sept of the Summer Gale (St. Louis, MO)

Position: None

Timeline of Noteworthy Events

Insert time line here First, change at age 10 after the death of father Mo State Patrol Officer went to police academy and passed with high marks 2006 joined his first sept 2010 part of the organizing of the Corax and Striders in the Unkindness of the Umbral Railroad .... helped a friend with the capture and rescue of a Garou taking them to the silver lake guarded by a certain three-headed dog 2017 Gathered information while the sept fought Wargs in a pit fight club


Word Around the Moot Fires


  • Knows more than he lets on
  • gave a three-headed dog a belly rub, or knows how to.
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Pack "NAME"

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Known Friends and Associates

  • Please Stop Talking - Uktena
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Quotes about "SosFos"

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OOC Information

Player: John Mitchell

Player Email:

Storyteller: Rich Smith

Storyteller Email: