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Commonly Known Information

Name: Richard Stockton

Notable Traits: Moniker - Liberty Guard.

Society: Anarch. Founder of the Liberty Guard. One of the founders and currently sits on the Free State Council. Member of the New World Anarchs and the Sorcerer's Union

Clan: Setite

Status: Deceased

OOC note on Morality and portraying a veteran

I am going to be starting chronicle with Richard having a low humanity and attempting to recover it to a more normal level, since he is still recovering from life on a Path, which he started as a means of coping in the war. I plan on his humanity and redemption being a fluid and changing aspect of him and taking the roleplay beyond the minimum that is dictated by the rules. I want it to be used to build and improve the character and the story around me. Richard's humanity and struggle with his inner beast will be motivated by the words and actions of other players he cares about, his experiences in chronicle, and my ST chain. I will be using my own instincts though as the final determination (short of ST or mechanical intervention) for the direction of his highs and lows, and I have been purposely building contacts and allies that will tempt me and pull me in both directions. I know that playing a veteran coming to terms with long seated PTSD is going to be a challenge and I have every intent to treat it as respectfully as possible and to honor the hardships they go through, the sacrifices some still pay after they return home and to bring awareness to many of the challenges they face. Please remember to honor and support them as you can, whether your politics supports the war or not.



As a mortal, Richard Stockton served in the Korea War, and the war took a toll, both on his psyche and on his personal life and relationships. Upon his return from the war, he had a hard time finding and keeping work. He took work as he could find it, but he started using alcohol to try and erase the war. His wife described him as a different man than the one who went left for the war. She left him and took their young daughter with her. He tried searching for them but was never able to track either down. His downward spiral became drastically more sharp, eventually leaving him without work and homeless. He drew the eye of a young ghoul named Rene Romero, who offered him a different way of life, and a chance at redemption. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was be drawn the temple of the Serpent of Light Amira bint Suleiman al-Alawi. In the temple he found not only a purpose, but a non judgmental community that supported his lifestyle and taught him how to control his alcoholism and to battle his inner demons through combat itself. It seemed like hurting and killing others was the only thing that he was meant to do. Richard and Rene served devoutly together for many years. In 1957, Rene earned his embrace into the clan, and in 1958 Richard's embrace was given to Rene as a gift and a lesson. Richard served his clan well and soon found himself as an orthodox pack priest. Richard had seen enough of death at the hands of incompetent command, and the Sabbats message of freedom greatly appealed to him. As the 60's rolled in with the Vietnam war, Richard became very incensed at his nation's kine and the way they were treating the returning veterans. As his anger grew he quickly began loosing what was left of his humanity. He met a young kindred (tie open) who taught him the ways of the Path of Lilith. He spent the rest of his days in the Sabbat masquerading his Path as the Path of Cathari, so as to avoid execution, especially at the hands of his own lineage. As the war waged overseas, Richard began seeing the difference between the rhetoric of his sect, and how the Sabbat elders were acting as puppeteers just as he had experienced in Korea. Angered and confused, he struck out on his own, driving the countryside and sorting out his head.

As he was driving through California, he picked up a radio station that was pushing a message that spoke to him... freedom. The voice of the ever lovely Ilda Lucilla Agnellini spread her message in a way that had a second meaning if you were enlightened to kindred politics, but sounded like the machinations of rebellious youth if you didn't. He began to feel an emotion that he hadn't felt in years... actual, honest to god, hope. It took a while but she actually him to betray the Sabbat and join the Anarchs. He left the Sabbat and joined the Anarchs, though his methodology was a bit... different then what they were used to. In time, he has been brought back on to the Path of Humanity, and is fighting very hard to try and embrace the mentality of it, though there are still many difficulties to overcome. He still has a low humanity and constantly struggles against the urges of his old life and faith. Though at this point he still has a hard time "getting" human mentality and (usually unsuccessfully) attempts codify their morality. One part of their nature he does innately understand is the need to protect the innocents (whats he calls children). To that end, he is a vicious protector and defender of them, going to great lengths to take care of them and punish those who seek to harm them. Because of this, he has inevitable start owning and several orphanages.

Richard has become a leader within the Anarchs. He is the leader and founder of a national Anarch sect called the Liberty Guard, who stands as a mobile protective force for the sect. We are the ones who come to stand by our brothers and sisters in their times of need. We draw heavily from Revolutionary War symbology and are always looking for members and allies, even amongst Camarilla sympathizers. He is also a standing member of the Free State Council, a player led national Anarch leadership group that coordinates and guides the movements of the larger factions of Anarchs. He has been responsible for instigating several large groups leaving the Sabbat, making many contancts and alliances in both the Camarilla and Anarch, and leaving a path of destruction in the wake within the Sabbat.



  • 1931- Born
  • 1949-1953 Served in the US Army, fought in Korea
  • 1958- Embraced into the Sabbat
  • 1969- Turned on the Sabbat and joined the Anarch movement
  • 1969- 2009 Ran as a member of the Sons of Carthage with Buzzard and Lorena Silva who helped "sponsor" his detox and purge of Sabbat influence and helped him to regain humanity.
  • 1970- Assisted in the hunt and destruction of the Rohini Scholars in Southwest Mississippi
  • 2000- Became one of the founding members of the Free State Council. Signed the Debt of Freedom. Formed the Liberty Guard
  • 2001- Embraced Umbra
  • 2009- Moved to Charleston, SC with Kaleo Maulahia
  • 2017- Moved to Savannah, GA

Liberation Front Against the Sabbat

  • 2006- Provided distraction, cover fire, and transportation during a series of raids liberating a family of nearly 20 Toreador.
  • 2009- Great Lakes Region- With the help of Lorena Silva of House Dispar to liberate her future house sister, Cassandra, from the Sabbat.
  • 2009- Charleston, SC- Upon the first night after arriving in Charleston, worked as a trifecta of force with Kaleo Maulahia and Cornell Clairemont. We liberate 30 shovelheads from a Sabbat raiding party. They were analyzed, taught, and distributed to various members of the Anarchs for further training. (open background tie for those who are interested)
  • 2017- Battle of Brooklyn- Brooklyn, NY- Led a part of the defensive force that protected the communications hub, elders, and unconscious bodies during the Battle of Brooklyn.

Liberated from the White Tower

  • 1997- Saved Domino from destruction by the Indianapolis Prince's hand
  • 2016- Who has two thumbs and has brought a line of Ventrue elders from the original Anarch rebellion (and their descendants) into Revolution's fold? This guy!

He did WHAT with the snakes!?!

  • In one of the buildings owned by House Dispar, there is a small plaque made of Abyss labeling the Richard Stockton Wing of the house.
  • Richard maintains paramours in all 4 sects and even a few Autarkis.
  • Richard is a Sabbat Spy!
  • Richard is a Camarilla Spy!
  • Richard is an Independent Alliance Spy!
  • Richard is an Autarkis who just likes stirring people up.
  • It's Rumored that he is guarded by a second powerful house.
  • Some say he has many lucrative business deals with some Ventrue.
  • Richard has established himself as the leader of the Anarchs of Savannah.

Maatkare, 4th generation

Ayizan Family Lineage

Tracking one's lineage can be a tricky thing in the Sabbat, due to changes in generation and elder fear of diablerizers. One can often know who is in one's lineage without knowing everyone's place within it. Here is Richard's lineage to the best of his knowledge (or at least what he will admit publicly. Richard is sire to Umbra, and was himself sided by Rene Romero childe of Francisco De la Torre Roja. Other members of the lineage include names like Basil Lykos, and Damon. From the top, Caine the original beget his first wife Zillah the beautiful, who beget Set the master of storms, who beget his concubine Maatkare, who beget Ghede, who went from a life as a slave to being one of the most powerful figures of Carribean history. It is also said that [[Maatkare was named as a Hierophant of the clan, and that her beauty was enough to stop the heart of a strong man.


Inspirations and Songs


  • Anne Rice's Akasha as portrayed by Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned and Armand as portrayed by Antonio Banderas in Interview With the Vampire. The two leading inspirations are by Anne Rice, yet the character is not a Toreador?!? Gasp. Shocking I know.
  • Rammstein's Mein Herz Brennt
  • In this Moment's Blood
  • Most works by Dead Can Dance, especially Opium

The Struggle For Recovery and Redemption

A New Order

OOC Information

Player: Armando Miccoli

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jay McCoy

Storyteller Email:

Location: Savannah, GA