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Commonly Known Information

Name: Richard Williamson

Notable Traits:


Clan: Gangrel


1818 Born in the Missouri Territory, Richard was the third son of a settler family. Taught to farm, and hunt as a means of surviving in a wild area.
1835 Joined the US Calvary, and began serving during the Seminole Wars as a scout, mainly for his tracking skills. During this time, he served in Florida and Georgia, as well as a limited time in the Texas Territories.
1846 With the outbreak of the Mexican War, Richard was sent to Texas\Mexico territory, to use his skills in scouting, and help the Army find the Mexican Army.
1847 Encountered a Navajo warband, and went into hiding in a local cave. Alejandro Carrión was using this cave as a safe haven from the sun, during his run from the Sabbat. Alejandro was impressed by Richard instincts, and daring to use this cave as a hiding spot, and embraced him. Together, they fled the south, heading into the known lands, hoping to find a spot within the Camarilla.
1870 Alejandro and Richard traveled through the middle of the country, trying to lose any Sabbat pursuit, and locate a Camarilla domain to request membership. In fall of 1870, Alejandro was killed by his sire during a trip to the southern US to locate a court. Richard was still in Missouri at the time.
1905 Returned to the southwest, and sought out other members of the Gangrel for guidance on how to join the Camarilla.
1910 Joined the Camarilla in Phoenix, acknowledged by the Prince after demonstrating knowledge of the traditions, and a willingness to uphold them. Has remained in the southwest since then.


  • Believes the Sabbat is out to get him.
  • I once saw him eat The Old 96er. Fat, gristle, and all!
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Steve Leverton

Player Email:

Storyteller: Bryan Himebaugh

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Location: Phoenix, AZ