Rico Suave`

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=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Rico Suave`

Notable Traits:

Type: Mortal

M.F.P: Main Force Patrol Detective

Department: Secure Protect Contain

Badge: MFP4073

=== Biography ===

4062- born in the crucible system

4072- joined neighborhood street gang to avoid getting a job

4076- became a big fan of the ladies

4080- started growing tired of living off other people

4081- joined the MFP

4090- made detective

4091- transferred to the S.P.C. division

=== Rumors ===

  • Hes got at least 3 girl friends in every city he's been to
  • He once tried to seduce an A.I.
  • Does Rico like men... Does Rico like women... A bears got to eat.
  • Knows everyone in the Red Light district by first name basis.

=== Quotes ===

  • "I don't think you got this Rico."- Maxwell Powers

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Rusty Hayes

Player Email: rustyhayes77@gmail.com

Storyteller: Nat Calvert

Storyteller Email: al.020.dspace@gmail.com

Location: AL-020-D