Rikki Chase Dulahan

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Rikki Chase Dulahan

Ratkin 01.jpg

Deed Name: Shard-Wind

Notable Traits: Skittish

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Tunnel Runner

Tribe: Ratkin

Rank: Fostern

Camp: Engineer


 Born to a drunken idiot in Detroit on June 18th, 1972. Rikki was raised in a broken home and learned to fend for himself at a young age. His mother died in childbirth and his father only ever referred to her as (Insert Profane and derogatory references to women here). His dad worked in the plants, when he worked, and those where becoming fewer and fewer in the 70s and 80s as more and more shut down. He mostly sat around drinking beer and yelling at Rikki. For obvious reasons Rikki chose to spend his time in the streets. He ran with a group of thug wannabes that liked to break other people’s things and steal from people who couldn’t really spare it. Learning basic skills on the streets was what you did then and there.
 Heading into the teen years many words could be used to describe Rikki. Asshole, Jerk, Prick, Blight, I mean, 80s Detroit had some serious crime issues, which side would you rather be on if you had to live in the slums of hell. They didn’t attend school and the school didn't really care. He rarely went home and his father didn't care either. But he was learning some skills. Lock picking, digital and classic, where the cops won't look when the heat is on, what to watch for to know when not to hit a place, how to throw a punch, basically the kid on the street survival guide. Life was awful, but he felt kind of like a king on the streets. Then sometime in October of 1989 he got sick, real sick, odd thing, his dad seemed happy. Did he call a doctor, did he go get some medicine, did anyone even come to check on him? Rikki just knew he was going to die, alone, in his stinking dads run down home with no one even missing him.
 But then the shady men came, Rikki was delirious with fever, he heard few words, he remembers his dad asking if he was going to get money for it, and the men throwing him a roll. They took Rikki, loaded him in a van and drove away. In and out of consciousness and barely aware of the world Rikki lay in a place that smelled of death and bile. He was on a dirty mat on a stone floor. With no way of telling time as there was no sign of natural light, Rikki was unsure how long he lay and suffered. He had a strange cut running across his left arm. It looked as is something had stabbed and then ripped lose from it. There where voices, always voices, some he could see where from people, some he just heard. Asleep awake he always had voices. And so, he lay in his filth and listened to the madness and lost himself for a while.
 He woke one day without the voices, I mean he was Mad but his head was his again in this moment. He knew some things, things he shouldn't, things about rats.... People came, rats came, people that had rat parts came, there was a bustling scene filled with hundreds of creatures, and so it came to be and he was told of Ratkin. He was grilled on what he heard and saw while he was sick with "The Plague". After many questions, some of the creatures that seemed to be in charge decided Rikki was a Tunnel Runner. And so, his learning as a Ratkin began.
 It wasn't really a huge change. He learned to be brutal and fight. How to sneak and hide. How to use a gun, properly and without turning it sideways. And he learned the rules. Man is a disease that is destroying the world and they where it\'s cure. This didn't really bother Rikki much, what did society really do for him. So, he trained, he learned of the forms and haw to assume each. This displeased those in charge, Rikki didn't have the sharp and deadly claws and teeth of the others, but instead retained the blunt and harmless teeth and nails of his human blood even in the fierce war form. So, he was trained with gun and bow over tooth and nail. All warriors will be useful when the battle comes.
 Many years would be spent here, training, learning, listening to tales of the world outside. Eventually it was discovered that Rikki wasn't even in what would be called "the world" anymore. He was in an Umbral realm, which as he was told there where many realms that housed the ratkin warriors. It wasn't until decades later, after much training and earning his rite to stand among the rats that Rikki would return to the material world. Being Homid he was seen as lesser by many and every scrap he got he fought for. And so, decades, and now the year 2016 he is sent to search for a place which may house a new nest if the numbers have need of a home. His destination, South Texas, Houston. A den that stinks of weaver, and with the fall of so much power within the nation of wolves, a ripe place to begin preparing for the Age of the Rat.
 He spent almost a year mapping and learning the good places and the bad places of the city. He had joined the Engineers and was accustomed to weaver stench. This place was so thick with it. They worshiped their oil plants and their chemical byproducts. Before he left he was gifted with an ancient bow prized by the engineer faction as an artifact of weaver design. He kept only this with him most days. He survived by stealing what he needed and was careful to not stay in one area to long or draw to much attention. Houston is a vast city so he moved often. And so now he is ready to begin his plans, it is March 2017 and the vermin of the world have plans for Houston...


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OOC Information

Character: Rikki Chase Dulahan

Player: James Broussard

Storyteller: Andy Lambert

Coordinator: Kat Rheinbold

Location: Houston, TX